Wednesday, February 7, 2024

"How can you be talking to me? You're a movie!"

It had to be a movie like Xanadu, didn't it?  Oh well.

I didn't think I was going to write any more on Xanadu, but after going through some of the "Ho!" stuff yesterday and pulling up that Xanadu finale song, I've decided to embrace the weirdness a bit longer for a post or two (I mean, its not like the other things I've written on and connected to in this story aren't just as weird).  That Xanadu theme song was just humming through my head this morning when I woke up.

There is a fascinating scene in the movie where Kira is convincing Sonny that she is, in fact, a Muse.  Sonny doesn't believe her, so she pulls a few tricks.  When I first saw it, I laughed because it was personally relatable with my own experiences, though it was obviously Hollywood-ized to be much more blatant and obvious.

She first has Sonny look up the definition of the word "muse" in the dictionary.  He reads it, and then notices that at the end of the definition there is the sentence "And do you believe me now, Sonny?"

Mystified, Sonny is then led over the TV where he is instructed to watch it by Kira.  There is an old black-and-white scene with two men, one who is a bad guy named Vargas.  The good guy in the scene ultimately starts talking directly to Sonny (or 'breaks the 4th Wall', in phrase I used the other day not thinking about this at the time) and asks him for his advice on what to do.  Sonny is further shocked at this, and exclaims what I titled this post as "How can you be talking to me?  You're a movie!".

A woman named Brenda is mentioned by the bad guy, and sure enough later in the scene Sonny is watching "Brenda" appears along with the good guy in his confrontation with Vargas.  Brenda is revealed to be Ki, and she is both standing with Sonny while also in the movie.

The good guy says that it looks like Sonny needs a drink, to which Kira replies that she will take care of it.  Before getting back into character, the good guy in the scene wishes Sonny good luck with the upcoming opening of his joint (Xanadu) and wishes he could be there.

That is my play by play or some highlights (there is actually an additional statement made by Vargas relative to Brenda that I think is also relevant).  

Here is the entire scene (it is pretty short - just under 2 minutes and worth the watch if you want to get a better idea of what I just described above).

And I actually typed something up on Sonny and Kira/Brenda involving names, and then was going to go into some other interesting themes from this scene, but then I just hit delete because I just didn't really want to, for whatever reason.  If you have been paying attention over the last 160 posts or so, you probably will see many of the things that I see.  If not, I don't think a few more paragraphs are going to change that, and it probably isn't something you need to stress or be concerned about anyway.  

So, this is what I am going to leave it at, and I will just log that this was a very interesting and relevant scene for actually quite a lot of what I have written here on this blog, surprisingly.

I will note, though, that this scene and another scene later made me go back and revisit both my assumptions and words relating to a 'drink' that I had said would be delivered with a Stone.  After some more thinking, I think the drink happens in Tirion.  Meaning, the Stone(s) are delivered, but the drink happens later and not in this world.  I had thought that the drink would be necessary for Faramir to both understand the communication as well as to travel, but I don't think this is the case at this point.

So, I am updating the story to have the drink happen in Xanadu... I mean, Tirion.


  1. My wife is a huge fan of Xanadu. Maybe it was an Oregon-Mormon thing? Anyway, I texted her yesterday that you've been blogging about the movie. She got really excited and asked for the links. Then she said "does he have a muse?" I had no idea what she meant since I've never seen the movie and forgot to ask her, but now I get it!!

  2. Well, Oregon-Mormons are the best kind of Mormons, in my opinion. Although, I hadn't ever seen this movie until just a couple weeks ago when I (with some amount of shame) plunked down $3.99 to rent it. A grown man, sitting alone on the couch, watching Xanadu. But now I can't get some of the songs out of my head.

    You should check it out and join the club!

  3. She said the same thing! I have resisted all these years but maybe I will finally give in. Officially my reason for doing so is to save you from your shame by joining you in the Xanadu club. You know, a show of grown man solidarity.

  4. Sonny = Ben, obviously. What significance did you in the names Brenda and/or Kira?

  5. Leo:

    I appreciate the solidarity, and will never question your 'official' reason (and don't say I didn't warn you!)


    I'll go ahead and do a short name post since you asked - that way it will be in a searchable post (for the masses anxiously wondering about hidden Xanadu name meanings).

    Short answer here in terms of just the names themselves is:

    Brenda = flame, sword, or both (i.e., flaming sword)
    Kira = woman, lady, ruler, throne, etc.

    A few characters come to mind, with Eowyn likely a candidate here that fits (e.g., Sword Woman, Woman of Flame, etc.)

    Though it is interesting that your Joan is similar to Eowyn's character in a few ways. They both like to dress up as men while going around breaking sieges. And Joan was a Woman of Flame, too, being burned at the stake.