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Mbasse: The union of Bread and Eriol at the House of Tom Bombadil

 In December of last year, I first wrote on my thoughts that Eowyn would have ascended to 'heaven' from Ithilien by means of the Ithil Stone, in the post "The ascension of Eowyn:  Using the Ithil Stone".  Later posts would seem to support this storyline, and I have been working under the assumption that this is actually what happened ever since.  Every other main character in the Lord of the Rings story has either a death date or a departure date (i.e., across the Great Sea to the Undying Lands).  Eowyn is the only exception, and my guess is that it is because of events that happened with her ascension.

Up until recently, however, it hadn't crossed my mind that this was also THE major separation between her and Faramir.  I had assumed in the intervening times that perhaps they had reunited or something.  In my post "The Undiscovered Country, flying into the stars, Neverland, and NUVO", I recounted the dialogue where I believe they were asked to separate from each other.  For whatever reason, I assumed that was perhaps a reference to Faramir coming down here to this world, along with others, ahead of the time and events that I think are playing out now, but that Eowyn stayed behind and other work to do, specifically regarding compiling the Book of the Lamb.

Now, however, I think that their long separation actually occurred in Ithilien at the beginning of the 4th age, and it is still in effect.  Meaning, Eowyn ascended to heaven, leaving Faramir behind, and that is the last time they have physically been in the same location together.  Faramir would go on to have other roles being reborn as some of the characters I have identified him with, such as Ether-Abinadi, while Eowyn was off on her own adventures, which we don't know too much about just yet, but I guess will once those two reunite, first through the Stones, it would seem, and then actually being in the same place again.

I don't know why this thought was surprising to me, that their separation went way further back and had gone on for longer than I supposed, but the more I did think about it, the more it made sense.  I think it is what happened.

It may have been Aragorn himself, then, that gave them the sad news of their separation.  That is my best guess as to who was speaking in those words (the one who said "Devise we thee a really hard thing:  to separate", but I am not sure on that. I think so, though.

However, as part of that separation, I think they were given a gift.

It's already documented in LOTR that Eowyn and Faramir were married in Edoras.  This kind of marriage, though, as I think all oaths on this world are, was temporary and for this life.  Oaths and covenants don't last eternally for us in our present state (as splintered souls) and I think this is for our protection, frankly.  

Eowyn would be granted the same ability that the Three Disciples and John0Aragorn would later be granted:  power over death.  This would be necessary for her to complete her work, which seems to involve a lot of travel over vast distances, perhaps, to collect what she needed.  I've used "Suspended in Time", the song from Xanadu, to point to Black Holes, where Time itself is suspended (from a point of view), but I think this also applies to Beings.  Someone like Eowyn in her current state is essentially suspended in Time, at least as to her physical Being.  In our reality, entropy is real, it is why we age and die, and it is linked with time.  As time passes, our entropy can only grow (thanks 2nd Law of Thermodynamics!).  For her, though, this isn't the case, as entropy has ceased, and thus also, in a way, the flow or affect of Time on her physical Being.

Which is all fine for her, but that isn't obviously the route for Faramir, who will die.  This would make here a widower, I guess, technically, but strangely her husband will be reborn in various instances, so he is kind of dead, and kind of not.  In any case, having died, it seems their marriage would be over, even though she was still alive in that form and identity, and could remember both him and their marriage.

I don't know - I am not sure of all the complexities here, but my guess is this was not a fun thought for either of them.  So, my current belief (very recently acquired!), is that both of them were somehow eternally bound together by Ki-Abroam / Tom Bombadil prior to Eowyn's ascension.

Maybe a crazy, random thought, but I think it is supported by some of my first words from way back in 2019.  So, I am going to pull those up and walk through it, and we are even going to get a little help from William Tychonievich and one of his commenters, Debbie (though they don't know it!).

Nom, Mbasse, and Eriol

My words began in earnest at the very end of October 2019, meaning series of words pretty much every night/ morning.  On Nov. 2, these were the words I wrote down:

Nom mbassa eriol ge ime as heart-issa

I take Nom, Mbassa, and Eriol to be names, here, with the caveat that Mbassa is potentially a double meaning word, referring both to a person and an action.

I don't think anyone is too interested when I step through translations, so I will just write it out and you can look it up yourself if you want, or ping me in the comments.  Here is how I translate that sentence:

Nom bake Mbasse (and) Eriol everlasting-ourselves with language of the heart

In other words, someone named Nom was involved in something that united Mbasse and Eriol together, using some manner of language or power 'of the heart'.  I am not sure exactly what that would have entailed from a process or event standpoint, so am just leaving it as the end result was Mbasse and Eriol were eternally joined together in some form that would survive their separation and all that was involved with it.

So, the big question is who are the people represented by these 3 words or names?  These aren't the actual names of the individuals, but rather reference names or more word-games.  That is my guess, at least.  Let's get into them really quickly.

Nom is a funny one.  This word was visually seen in my dream, but not only that, it was really emphasized in way that is hard to describe.  When I first saw it, my impression was that it was a name, but literally as I am seeing it in the dream, I remembered that Nom is the name for a character from The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, which were books (the sequel series to the original Chronicles books) I read back in middle-school.  I remembered the character name as I am seeing this word, and thought "Oh yeah, this is proof that I am just making this up in my mind.  This is a book character's name".

So, I pushed back on this thought and flatly rejected it.  But rather than it going away, it was visually expanded in my view, and I had the impression of someone basically saying or thinking "No, NOM, you dumbass!" (in a nice way), as if I should remember or know who Nom is, who apparently isn't the book character.   It was really weird.  So, I dutifully wrote it down, and I have always retained this distinct impression that was a name (but not from those Thomas Covenant books).

Nom is a character name for someone in Tolkien's writings as it turns out, by the way.  Finrod, in the Silmarillion account, would acquire that name, meaning "Wisdom".  

But, this isn't who is being referred to here, I don't think.  Too easy!  There is another being known as "the Wise" and that is Ki-Abroam, or Abraham.  Further, in commentary about the name Nom, and also its reference to Elves and the Noldor in other settings, it is clear that it is a play on words and meant to be very similar to Gnome, one of the earlier names that Tolkien's Elves were called.

Ki-Abroam, in Words of the Faithful, is also called a Gnome (the only Being to be referred to in that way).  Thus, as has so often been the case with my words and dreams, we are dealing with a word game here, and a riddle to solve.  I like riddles.  While easier to just assume Nom means either Finrod or an Elf, my strong guess is that this is Ki-Abroam we are talking about here, and that means, based on my other associations, that this is Tom Bombadil.

Tom's House has come up on this blog as important for other reasons, namely that I believe the Sawtooth Stone was brought there (in France!) and that is likely where it is now.  So the mention of Tom in these words is interesting.

So that gives us one of the names.  What about the other two?

 I will skip ahead to Eriol and save Mbasse for last, since as of a few days ago I didn't even think of this as a name, but I am fairly certain now (as certain as one can be in this mess) that it is.

Eriol is a name that should be familiar to many Tolkien readers.  In his earliest stories, such as the Lost Road, Tolkien writes of Eriol as a man who stumbles upon the Straight or Lost Road and finds himself in Eressea.  On that island, he learns of the stories and myths of the Elves.  Originally, Tolkien would explain the source of his own stories and myths as coming from Eriol's writings.  That would change as time passed, and other writings would become the source (such as Bilbo and Frodo's Red Book).

So, again, just as with Nom it might be tempting to take the easy route and say that Eriol here must refer to that person.  Maybe, but we are dealing with disguises and word games, so I think we dig further.

Eriol was also spelled Ereol  (kind of like Oreo, in a loose way, I think), and is made up of Ere and Loro.  Ere means "to remain alone" and Loro means "slumber or to sleep".  This has traditionally given us the meaning of "One who dreams alone".

For our purposes, I think we can be a bit more literal, and have this name mean "One who remains alone in sleep".  You might note that this should match up fairly well with the Faramir character as I have painted in past posts, and even this one.  Eowyn departed, and Faramir literally remained here alone.  Further, Eowyn's journey would involve the regaining of long-lost knowledge and stories, ultimately also including her own visit to Eru-place, perhaps including literally sitting in the house and seat of Eru, seeing into the future and the past, etc.  She will be 'awake', in other words.  Faramir, on the however, will remain asleep, by comparison.  The concept of the need to "Wake Up"  (It's Wake Up Time!) has been a constant theme of this blog (see Eleanor and "Wake Up Time"), and specifically with the Boy that I have associated specifically with Faramir (for instance, see the Iron music video and commentary in my Stones and Keys, Part 2 post).

And it seems as part of this waking up, Faramir will make a journey similar to that of Eriol in Tolkien's stories

Thus, my guess is that this Eriol mentioned in the words is Faramir.

Two out of Three.

Now, until a few days ago I didn't know there was third name here, and thus the whole meaning of that sentence above remained kind of a mystery.  I had actually had some thoughts to go back and revisit words around that time period on the night of April 10.  In working through some things and seeing if I now had any better idea on what these words meant, I became stuck or at least very interested in mbassa.

Mbasse or Mbasa can mean one of two things here, or both:  "to bake" or "bread".  Neither necessarily made much sense in the context of that sentence.  Even getting really creative it just wasn't really coming together for me.  The only thing that did somewhat ring a bell, or at least was in my mind, was that earlier word game that popped into my mind that went "France is bakin'". (This was the first word game that came to my mind a few days before "Francis got key" came about).

Recall that I have Tom Bombadil's House in France, and Nom is a reference to Tom (I believe), so having 'baking' follow Nom was really interesting, but I didn't know exactly how that fit.  I started to, however, develop the storyline that I am painting here in this post.  In that, perhaps Tom oversaw some eternal union between Eowyn and Faramir at his House.  Perhaps the 'baking' represented that event?  I could see Nom and Eriol's names representing Tom and Faramir, but where was Eowyn in that sentence then?

I ended up packing it in for the night with the mbassa word unsolved in my mind.  What would Bread or Baking have to do with any of this.

When I woke up the next morning (April 11), I checked William Tychonievich's blog, and he had published a post titled "A loaf of bread is dear".  I hadn't even read the post yet, but in seeing the title, it just instantly clicked for me (at least partially):  Bread was a person, also!  The bread was 'dear', in the sense that it was 'beloved'.  So, this Mbassa in my own words really did mean "Bread" and this bread was a Being.

I read William's post and left a comment that I had just been looking at Mbasse and Bread.  

But I also started to doubt whether I had the identities right between Mbasse and Eriol.  Perhaps Mbasse was Faramir instead, and Eriol was Eowyn?  I don't know why, exactly, but I started to think through reversing it.  Maybe because Eriol had travelled to Eressea and collected stories, and that is what Eowyn did, she was referenced as Eriol?   And I have written that Faramir, as the Holy Ghost, will come in Jesus' name, and Jesus was known as the Bread of Life, so perhaps that was the meaning of that word game?

And maybe it doesn't matter just so long as we have the right people identified overall, and the general meaning of the sentence correct.

But, I still wanted to kind of get the names right.  It was on my mind a bit.

Enter another comment on William's post, and a follow-up response from Debbie (known as Ra1119bee in the comment section).

William later left a comment  highlighting that Bread was an anagram for Debbie's name (i.e., Debra, I guess).  I at first didn't make the connection from that back to my own words, however.

But, William wrote another post titled Loaves of Gold just yesterday.  On that post, Debbie left another comment pointing back to the Bread / Debra anagram, and included the meaning of the name Debra:  Bee. 

OK, so I am slow sometimes, but this finally caught my attention and everything sort of clicked into place, and I settled on my guess for who was who in the zoo in this word game.  Mbasse did also refer to a name, and it is Eowyn.  Recall that in previous posts, Eowyn has been associated with Bees and Honey.  In one post, I even renamed her from Izilba (the name in Doug's books) to Deseret, which means "Honey bee", or Debra... the anagram of Bread.  In another, she was the Honey Maid, with the Nabisco symbol seemingly to refer to her Silver Key, or the Ithil Stone.

So, are we really dealing with a complex word game meant to take an Elvish word (Mbasse), translate it into its English equivalent (Bread), find its anagram (Debra), determine Debra's name meaning (Bee), and then find its equivalent in my story here (Deseret-Eowyn) in order to solve this riddle?  I guess so! And yes, I am well aware that this is how crazy people connect the dots (I have been diagnosed as one, remember), but I don't know - you tell me if that isn't a pretty straight shot to the Being that has been described and written about here on this blog.

And Bread, even without the word games (which are fun, once you solve them) is also a good descriptor for Eowyn in that this is likely what she will bring or give to our world through the Book of the Lamb.  Jesus was described as the Bread of Life, and her stories, I think, will be about Jesus.  It will be Bread for us, in that way.

In any case, I think I solved the riddle of the Nov. 2, 2019 words, at least in general terms.  Though I don't know exactly what was involved, Eowyn and Faramir were united with an eternal bond at Tom's house ahead of their separation (France is bakin'!)  It also, I think, helps solve the riddle of who is speaking, or whose words these are at least, from that around that time period.  It is Eowyn speaking.  I've mentioned before that the words might be more understandable if I knew who was talking, so I'll revisit these words from that time period and see if I can't get some additional insights using that hypothesis.

Lastly, there was another word game over the last couple of days that tied into all of this, and Eowyn specifically.

There is a song called "Bess, you is my woman now", from an opera called Porgy and Bess It is in one of my piano songbooks.  I've never actually played it because it doesn't look really interesting, but I've flipped past it multiple times going to other songs, and always thought the title was strange, including the name.

By some happy accident, I discovered that Bess is an Elvish word that means "Woman".  [Quick note: In going back through and linking the post reference before publishing, I realized I knew this already and specifically called that out and linked Bess and Woman to Eowyn as part of my naming her Deseret - you can reference that post to see if you want].  So, one of the Eldar might read that title as saying "Woman, you is my woman now", which I thought was funny for some odd reason.

"Woman" as a name or reference for Eowyn has come up before in my posts.  For instance, in my post An Usher roller skating around a Black Hole, I cited words from March 28, 2020 in light of a Being named Raymon (Usher, or Faramir) being invited or tempted to go visit "Woman" (Eowyn, Wonder Woman, etc.):

Raymon to see woman much nus narthrun amun sun dawn toward

In fact, in that post, I interestingly also cite words that came before this one which mentioned a "stone binding two ways center-heart".  Another reference to events at Tom's?  I am not sure.  You can revisit that post if you want the overall context.

So, "Woman" has been a reference to Eowyn.  Thus, the title of the song "Bess, you is my woman now", can be "Eowyn, you is my woman now", something Faramir might have been able to say following their union or binding together at Tom's House.

It gets a bit more interesting.

Bess, as a non-Elvish word, is short for Elizabeth, and this name has come up in conjunction with Eowyn before on this blog.  For instance, Lisa (short of Elizabeth, but also for Melissa, another name that means "Honey Bee"), was the name clearly tattooed on the bald, menacing character in the Iron music video and post that I've linked above, and who I associated with Brigham-Wormtongue.  Wormtongue's evil desire was Eowyn in LOTR, something that Saruman used to his own advantage in securing Wormtongue's services.  That desire, as I've mentioned before, carried through into the life of Brigham Young, with Brigham naming everything and its dog Deseret, or as we know now, after Eowyn.

Elizabeth also means "God is my oath", which also points to a promise or binding commitment, perhaps in some relation to the 'heart-language' that was used between Eowyn and Faramir.

Anyway, so it was interesting to see that song title with the name Bess come together at the same time I was working through the words and the story of what happened at Tom's House, with the mention of Bread.  It was also interesting to have William and Debbie help (unknowingly!) pull the details together at the same time.

And, ultimately, it is somewhat satisfying to have a better understanding of some words from over 4 years ago that until recently I had pretty much given up on.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Gim Guru and Independence Day

 In my post where I provide my guess as to the meaning of the cryptic Gim Guru name, I noted that I received this name on the 4th of July, or Independence Day in the United States.  The day is celebrated because on July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed.

As I have thought a bit about where I landed with Gim Guru, and his partner Gim Githil, I don't think this was by accident.

The Gim G's, along with others, will have a role, it seems, in gathering Beings to Zion.   Zion has always been connected with "Independence", even in looking at names.  People familiar with Mormonism will likely know that Joseph Smith and early Mormons understood the place of Independence, Missouri as the 'center' of what they hoped to become THE Zion.  In D&C 57, here is what a voice is recorded as saying to Joseph Smith:

Hearken, O ye elders of my church, saith the Lord your God, who have assembled yourselves together, according to my commandments, in this land, which is the land of Missouri, which is the land which I have appointed and consecrated for the gathering of the saints.

Wherefore, this is the land of promise, and the place for the city of Zion.

And thus saith the Lord your God, if you will receive wisdom here is wisdom. Behold, the place which is now called Independence is the center place; and a spot for the temple is lying westward, upon a lot which is not far from the courthouse.

So here is a declaration, of sorts, about Independence, and that this place is supposed to be 'the land of promise' and Zion.

Now, I don't view this as currently being correct.  How do I reconcile my thoughts relative to this passage, and others in the D&C citing Missouri as Zion?  I have no idea.  I am sure something will come up to help explain things, or it won't and I might be wrong, but in the meantime all I can say is my view that the 'Holy Places' that people will be gathered out to are not on this world.

Things will be turned upside down, apparently, including beliefs and traditions, so maybe this is just another one of those beliefs.  It is a popular Mormon belief to view the United States as the promised land, that Zion will be built here, and that even Mormons (in some folk lore traditions) will save the Constitution (which will hang by a thread) and thus the United States from ruin.  Perhaps some influence from the American Nightmare Asshat Asbalom in this belief?  I don't know, really.  I just don't think it is right.

So, I use the above example almost tongue-in-cheek to show that the concept of Zion has always been framed in the idea of freedom and 'independence', even so far as to have it appear to be located in a place bearing that name.

According to Nephi's vision, even those Gentiles that will 'sail' away from this world and land on what I think is Eressea #2 will do so to escape 'captivity', or in other words, independence from all other nations.  How will they achieve this?  By being 'lifted up' above all other nations.  

Nevertheless, thou beholdest that the Gentiles who have gone forth out of captivity, and have been lifted up by the power of God above all other nations, upon the face of the land which is choice above all other lands, which is the land that the Lord God hath covenanted with thy father that his seed should have for the land of their inheritance;

My assumption is that we should take 'lifted up' to be a fairly literal statement here, and that it is exactly because they are now above the nations of this world (in that literal sense) that they are now independent from them.  Freedom won't be found within the borders of the United States, or even this world.  

Eressea #2, despite some initial hiccups and working out some kinks with the Gentiles who arrive there, will eventually and ultimately become part of Zion, or the New Jerusalem, reunited with Eressea #1.  It seems that part of the Gentiles' arrival will be to facilitate judgement ahead of this, both for the current inhabitants of Eressea #2, but also for the Gentiles themselves, as I have alluded to in other posts.

In any case, whether for the people being led to Eressea #2, or for others who will be led to Tirion-Jerusalem, the goal and design is the same:  Freedom and Independence.  And not just freedom from other nations, but also, as at least some of my 'words' suggest, freedom from previous and current cursings, which I take to be comprehensive enough to include death itself, remarkably.

In a previous post, I stated that we were going to take the Promised Land out of America, which we've done and placed in the Heavens, or Outer Space:  Eressea #2, for instance.  As part of this, we also have to 'take' the very notion of what Freedom and Independence mean and place that in those places as well.  The Declaration of Independence is a nice ideal and thought for what became the American Experiment - the notion that people can 'throw off' oppressive government and provide their own means of self-government was an amazing thing.  But what that ideal, and what that document has led to in terms of actual practice and results, is not really 'independence' in really any meaningful way.  Not only would many people argue, who live under the ideals of that document, that we are not free as we are meant to be, not the least because that document has no power whatsoever to deliver us from the things and Beings (i.e., Ungoliant, Asshat, Brigham, etc.) that really keep us in captivity here on this world.

So, I view the name of Gim Guru on Independence Day as kind of a poetic gesture, perhaps.  Gim Guru, Gim Githil, and others will help prepare a way for a truly free people.

That Independence Day might be relevant with the name was a funny realization as I reflected on my earlier thoughts regarding the movie National Treasure.  The Declaration of Independence is central to the plot, and ultimately is what Ben and Riley will steal (in order to protect, of course).   In my post National Treasure:  A character study, I had inserted a video clip of  those two characters interacting with a 3rd character (Abigail Chase), likening them to Gim Guru, Gim Githil, and Eowyn-Ilmare. 

That clip had cut some scenes in order to focus just on the interactions with Abigail, and thus left out Ben and Riley walking to the National Archives Rotunda to view the Declaration immediately after meeting with Abigail (which for my purposes was fine since in that context I was focused on the pins as analogies for the records/ testimonies of the Apostles).

In that scene, Ben waxes poetic and quotes part of the Declaration, in saying:

but when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for the future security

He then goes on to say that 'no one talks that way anymore', a phrase which I take (of course) to mean something a bit deeper than the movie intended.  There is a language that has been lost here in our world, and a way of saying things to each other in order to convey meaning that is also gone.  As part of this whole story, I think the way that people talked - meaning their language (our old language) and the stories those languages were conveyed in - will be restored.

Getting back to the main point, though, Ben was emphasizing that the United States (ideally) was founded on the principle that a people are in their right to establish new government and to secure their own freedom if that freedom isn't found in their current situation, and that it is up to those who can act to make this happen to actually make it happen. The point is clearly relevant to the idea of the Holy Places and Zion - places where 'new guards for the future security' can be had.

Further, this idea of 'stealing' the declaration, which ultimately is what Ben and Riley did, also can be an analogy for the work of the Gim G's.  The standard of freedom and independence will be removed from this world, and be placed on another, which might be surprising to many.  As mentioned above, Mormons (devout ones at least) view Zion as literally being built in the United States, and Jesus returning here on this continent.  They will have to change their views, and it may be that some will view this change-up or the claims that Independence is to be found somewhere else as akin to 'stealing' something, maybe.  I don't know - I don't want to push the analogy too far, but maybe you get what I am saying.  In addition, once the Family of Light is gone - all of them - both independence and peace will be also completely removed from this world, and thus 'stolen' in that sense, as well.

Ultimately, in order to be truly 'free', people will need to be gathered out from this world, on a couple different paths apparently, and go elsewhere.  It seems Gim Guru will be involved in that whole thing, and thus why I thought the connection to his name being mentioned on Independence Day to be more than coincidence.

Here is the clip from National Treasure where Ben and Riley go visit the Declaration of Independence:

Friday, April 12, 2024

Kal-El: Star Shine

 How have I never watched Superman:  The Movie?

I've watched Superman II and Superman III (I enjoyed II, but thought III was absolutely terrible), but I've never watched the first movie.

Last night I got a notion to give the first movie a go.  I've only made it part way through - maybe I will finish it tonight or this weekend sometime.  I stopped it where Superman finally knows who he is, used his green crystal to build a mini replica of Krypton, and used it to learn a bunch of stuff from recordings his father left him.  He 'left' Earth as part of this experience, seemingly, and toured space for 12 years to learn, and now is back disguised as Clark Kent and just beginning his job at the Daily Planet with Lois Lane.

Superman has come up briefly one time on this blog (that I could find or remember) in the post "Breaking Bald:  Omuruc".  In that post, I used William Tychonievich's reference to one of Superman's nemeses, Mr. Mxyzptlk, to play a word game with one of Asshat's names, Curumo.   Mr. Mxyzptlk's weakness or vulnerability involved his name being said backwards.  I applied that first to "Saruman" to see if we get anything but didn't get anything.  I then realized that Saruman isn't actually his name, so tried Curumo to get Omuruc, and we were off to the races.  

In that post, I mentioned that Mr. Mxyzptlk had tried this tried on Superman, but just as I had done Asbalom, he hadn't used Superman's real name, likely because he didn't know it.  He used Superman, which is a title or a nickname bestowed, like Saruman, and not actually a name.

I bring this up now because when I started watching Superman last night, Superman's real name of Kal-El came up.  I couldn't help but look up this name in Elvish as I was watching the show to see what we might be dealing with.  It is a fairly clean translation:

Kal:   Shine
El:     Star

This caught my attention.  I had dreamed this name or phrase, or at least those two words together, just in the reverse order, a few mornings ago.

As I briefly mentioned in my recent post on Gim Goru (one of our Gim Gs), the morning that I wrote that post, I had a dream where I saw the two words "Star Shine".

It was actually a dream similar to the one I had where the woman was standing in my room and shouted "Fun!", in that at first I didn't realize that I must have been dreaming.  I had woken up and was checking emails on my phone.  I briefly saw the phrase "Star Shine" as I was scrolling down, and stopped to think about it for a second because it seemed both strange to see that there in my inbox and because it was familiar.  When I looked back at my phone, the phrase was gone and I couldn't find it, even after doing some searches.  I realized I must have briefly nodded off and seen that phrase, or something.  I was still holding my phone, so I assumed I must have briefly fallen back asleep while looking at my emails.

After I was awake, in a slightly unusual move for me, I thought I should first reverse engineer the phase from English back into Elvish.  I say it was unusual, because it is always the other way around - I get an Elvish word or phrase, and I go over to Eldamo to see if I can make something in English out of it.  If I already know the English, and it is a clear phrase, it doesn't seem necessary to try and get its Elvish equivalent, unless I am trying to come up with some word game or double meanings, which I guess I do sometimes, but it is never where I go first with things.

In this case, though, it just felt important to go figure out what that might be in Elvish.

I actually started out with El as the word for star, primarily because it has been such a big factor with El-Anor (the Anor Stone or Star).  I typed in "shine" in Eldamo (you can do the same thing and see the results), and Cal and other variants like Kal (in Elvish the C and K are the same, basically) and even Gal.

El-Cal or El-Kal didn't make much sense to me then, but when I saw that Gal was an option for "Shine", I remembered that the 2nd "word" I got back in 2019 likely contained a variance of Gal, and that the word likely contained another word for star, as well.  That word was Gilga.

Gil is another word for Star, just like El.  And so abandoned El-Kal, and I ended up landing on Gil-Gal as the likeliest Elvish equivalent to the Star Shine phrase I had seen.

At the time I liked it for two reasons:  first, because it seemed to directly relate back to that second word of Gilga of Gil-Ga, and second, because I had just finished writing my post the day before on Gim Githil, and was going to be writing my 2nd post on Gim Goru.  In both those names, we have the double-G... GG.  In Gil-Gal or Gil-Ga, we have the same phenomenon, GG.  

However, hearing Kal-El last night reminded me of that original translation I landed on (El-Kal), and it seemed to make sense.

I was going to write a few more things on some other connections, and even go back to the 2019 dream of Gilga and how that came about, but I think I will close this off here.  I mainly just wanted to log that a couple days ago I had seen the phrase "Star Shine", had first landed on an Elvish translation that didn't seem to relate to anything that I knew of, only to then find it as the proper name for Superman as I began watching the movie last night.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Find Key House

I opened up my laptop on the kitchen table just earlier this morning.  My son had left the Wall Street Journal wide open on the table, and I sat down next to it where there was room to put down my computer.  I looked up at the paper while sitting down, and and the first thing my eyes were drawn to was this:

The article headline words that were visible out from under the paper covering it were "Find Key", along with a slightly obscured word that seemed to say House.  I shifted the paper over, and the full word was "Housing", but for our purposes, we will leave it at House since that is mostly what I could see.

Find Key House.

It shouldn't be surprising that I kind of looked at this phrase for a bit, and it struck me with some kind of meaning.  "Key" has come up quite a bit, obviously, including just yesterday when I wrote about our nemesis Asshat Asbalom in the context of the Francis Scott Key Bridge.  

But what did this phrase mean?  It didn't take long for a story to come to my mind, as these things do for me sometimes.  I am always trying to build out the story.

"France has got Key".   That was the phrase I heard myself say when I said Francis Scott Key's name out loud to my son.  In the post where I recounted that experience, I remarked that this all made sense in light of many things I had written before, specifically that the Sawtooth Stone had been recovered and carried over to France, where I place both where the Shire was, and where Tom Bombadil's House still is, apparently.  You can go to the Francis Scott Key post to read more on that train of thought and follow a series of links to prior posts on this subject.

Thus, at that time, the name of Francis Scott Key seemed to confirm, in a very strange way, what I had believed and guessed at in relation to the Stone and its current location.

This title "Find Key House" seemed to be consistent with this view.  The Key (being the Sawtooth Stone) is still in France, at the House of Tom Bombadil (who is Abraham-Aule) and under his care.  Fine, I already 'knew' that.   But, the story that seemed to expand in my mind is that the Stone would be found there.  Meaning, this is a declarative statement:  "Find the key at the house".  In other words, someone will find the Key, or be told to (I presume Faramir-Eonwe) and they will find it at Tom's house.  So, simple really:  all one needs to do is know where his house is and how to get to it, and you could be the owner (or steward, really) of a pretty important thing.

Finding Tom's house, however, seems like it is not all that easy.  Recall that in my recounting, or attempt to piece together events after the Sawtooth Stone's recovery, I place the Stone Couriers as receiving some instructions from whatever Beings they met with in Idaho (perhaps the Three Disciples?).  The specific comment one of them said in that exchange was:  "We need to write all of this down".

Apparently, whatever they were being told about where to go with the Stone that had been entrusted to them was complicated enough that making specific notes about it was considered necessary.  Thus, I don't think any of us would be able to find it, intentionally or accidentally, without similar instructions, or a guide.  It won't be found by anyone not invited, I don't think.

Anyway, so that was a bit of the story that was expanded for me by the partially obscured article headline - that a journey to France and to Tom Bombadil's House will be required to find and obtain the Stone.

This insight was also interesting as I spent a bit of time last night actually thinking about Tom Bombadil's House, but in a different context.  In that case, it was as part of Faramir and Eowyn's story, which I think now may have included an event at Tom's House prior to Eowyn's departure from Middle-earth.  It is kind of new thinking, so if I have time later I will try to get a post out on it.   Interestingly, as part of that thought process, I revisited some words from back in 2019 that included the Elvish word mbasse, and spent some time working through that word.  Mbasse, if taken at face value, means "bread".  It was the last thing I was thinking through before I decided to drop things for the night.  This morning I checked on WJT's blog, and the title of his latest post was "A loaf of bread is dear"

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Asshat Asbalom

I've been going back and forth on whether I am going to introduce an updated style guide and naming convention for Saruman, but I think I am going to.

Similar to Doug, who received his new name in a dream, Saruman was called by another name in a dream I had a few weeks back that I thought was pretty funny.  I have been hesitant to fully adopt it, however, because it is a bit clunkier in everyday use.  Doug, for example, is just a nice, short name to pull in.  This other name for Saruman is a bit longer and doesn't roll off the tongue as easily.  Because, let's face it:  as evil a dude as Saruman is, his name is pretty cool and badass.  And it just a habit to refer to him with that name, I guess, and I really didn't see a major need to change it.  But Tolkien gave him that name, and it wasn't likely what he was known by in Middle-earth, so perhaps the coolness factor is more due to Tolkien than anything.

Regardless, Saruman's new name here on this blog is:  Asshat Asbalom.  

I think I might shorten it to either Asshat or Asbalom, or maybe alternate as the mood suits, or use various configurations.  Maybe AA?  We'll figure it out.  

The dream where Asshat was referred to in this way actually came the evening of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse.  This occurred on March 26, as many of you know.  On the day of the collapse, my family and I were actually heading out on Spring Break, and flying out fairly early for our trip.  Thus, I initially heard about it but didn't know many details until later in the day when I had a layover and got caught up to speed.

The fact that the bridge was named after Francis Scott Key caught my attention.  Exactly one week earlier, on March 19, I wrote a post called "Francis Scott Key".  In that post, I recounted a conversation I had with my youngest son as he was belting out the Star-Spangled Banner and asked me who the man was that wrote the lyrics.

Now, Francis Scott Key is not a usual topic of conversation in my house, or really a person I had thought of for quite some time.  It might be in the timeline of decades since the last time I would have spoken that person's name, or maybe even thought about it.  So, it was a bit strange to see a bridge named after him collapse so soon after I had written about not only the name, but in relating the name to a Key (France has got Key).  Further, I have tied this Key to travel between worlds, and in some posts related this to a 'bridge' between worlds.  For example, in reviewing some of those cryptic words from January and February 2022, I had interpreted the word "Eilendel" as literally "sky-bridge", and it was placed in the context of people walking or travelling to other worlds, perhaps (if any of those interpretations are correct, which they may not be).  There are other examples of bridges, or doors, gates, passageways, etc. - basically something that one travels on or through to go over Many Waters to another place.

So, it was interesting to see a collapsed bridge with that name all over the headlines.

Anyway, I didn't know what to make of it but my imagination cast a wide net as to potential implications, as I sometimes do.  In one scenario, I actually became worried that this was an act of the 'good guys', in perhaps sending a message relative to some things.  It was a dark thought, I didn't like it, but it kind of sat there.

The 'good guys' in question, in this scenario, would have been the 7 Daughters of Asenath.  Why did my mind go there?  Well, they had been top of mind due to another 'dream' I had the week prior to the bridge collapse.  On the weekend of that prior week, I was just tired and decided to try and take a quick nap in the early afternoon.  As I rested on my bed, I looked over to the side of the room across my bed, and a woman was standing there .  With a loud voice she yelled "Fun!".  I blinked and she was gone, and I realized in blinking I must have nodded off to sleep and so had a mini-dream.

A couple days later, I had a dream with the phrase "Don't blink".  At the time, I took it as potentially referring back to that experience (perhaps from the Being who I saw?) but also potentially to things in the future.  You know, like when people say "Don't blink or you might miss it".  Like a magician might say before a trick, or when things move fast and they want you to pay attention. And that this all related to the "Fun!" that was yelled out by this woman.

In any case, I had associated (for whatever reason - I don't know exactly why, and it might not be correct) the woman I saw as one of the 7, honestly.  I know that sounds weird, OK, but that was my sense.

I am not fully sure what their version of "fun" is, but I had the dark thought that maybe involvement in this bridge collapse was encompassed in that, and I didn't really like that thought or why I was thinking thinking it.  As WJT mentioned in a later comment, the bridge collapse did happen exactly 7 days after my Francis Scott Key post, after all.

Leo had actually reached out to me later in the day wondering if I had seen the news, and offering up some quick thoughts of his own.  His note was helpful in that it offered up alternatives, with one of them along the lines of the symbolism of the bridge collapse being something from the 'bad guys', to paraphrase.  In that if a Key is going to help build a bridge by which people will be able to escape, then evil forces would work to destroy that bridge. 

And I want to be sensitive here - real people died on this bridge, and I am not trying to take that lightly by bringing in elements that the vast majority of people would consider fictional or imaginary.  But at the same time, it is very hard not to try and make sense of the Francis Scott Key connection, or at least wonder through different possibilities, which is what I am doing.

Anyway, Leo's note kind of helped point my mind away more troubling thoughts and implications and toward options that sounded more "right", and believable, if that can be something said of like the subject matter covered here.   I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't like the idea of evil Beings taking out a bridge to send a message, but for some reason it made me feel better to imagine that than the good guys doing this.   And for what?  A message that on one gets or understands anyway?  It just seemed a frivolous and unnecessary destruction and loss of life to attribute it to people I hope are good, if that makes sense.

It was a big travel day with the kids, so I didn't put a whole lot more thought into trying to figure things out and largely just got caught up with the news developments like everybody else.

That night, however, I had a dream where a character by the name of Asshat Asbalom was introduced.  I don't remember much about the character - only his name really, along with the sense that he was involved with the bridge.  Those are really the only details I remembered when I woke up.

I looked up some things to see if I could make sense of the name.  "Asshat" seemed fairly straightforward - an alternative to Asshole, I guess.  Here is what I came up with for the rest of the name, based on an initial assumption the name was an Elvish construct (so I looked in Eldamo):

As = With

Bal = Evil/ Bad/ Power

Om = Voice

Put all of that together, we have Asshat Asbalom meaning: "Asshat with the evil voice".

Ha!  I literally laughed out loud when I figured that out and pieced it together.  This name game came together so cleanly.  As we have covered on this blog, the Being who is known for the power and wickedness of his voice is Saruman.  I felt with this name, we had fairly clear title for this Being - fairly obvious, I think.

It actually felt like a relief to get this name and dream, because it seemed to confirm that if anything was behind this type of thing (I know - big, questionable "if"), it would be Asshat.

Asshat is not a nickname I usually use.  I went back on this blog and noted zero times it has come up.  Same story with its synonym Asshole - zero times.  In fact, I have tried not to use too many, if any, 'curse' words in general on this blog, which probably makes my use of Asshat as a name kind of funny.  But Asbalom is and will be a cursed Being, and remain that way, so I figure a curse word to describe him isn't a bad way to go.  If we are going to apply that word to anybody, it may was well be him.

Interestingly, even though I haven't used the word Asshat on my blog, Leo in fact has.  I wasn't aware of this, but after I got back to him in sharing this name and letting him know my thoughts around it, he mentioned that he had in fact used Asshat.  Which post was it in?  The Curious Case of Thomas B. Marsh.  The post that kicked off all of this Marsh-Peter thought stream.  I thought that was interesting.  

In that post, he actually applied Asshat to Brigham Young.  For clarity purposes, I propose that we designate BY as Asshole if we need to refer to him in such terms, which Leo also did in that post ("The Great Asshole of the West").   This is a term Brigham has applied to himself in a few instances, by the way, which is pretty funny.  And then Asbalom can have Asshat all to himself.  

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Saruman is likely not the name he was called in Middle-earth, anyway.  It's roots are in Anglo-Saxon English, and was likely a name that Tolkien inserted for a modern reader's benefit, much like Bilbo, Sam, Peregrin, etc.  What was his real name I wonder?  We may not know, but Asshat Asbalom is as good a substitution as any.

Leo had another insight relative to the name.  Asbalom is actually similar to a name found in the Old Testament, that of Absalom (just switches the B and the S... like B.S., but I have reached my new curse word limit of two on this post, so you'll have to complete that one yourselves).  Absalom was the 3rd son of King David, and sought to usurp David's throne.  His point was that this seemed an apt comparison for AA, who is a Being we have also painted here on this blog as a usurper.

I also looked into the meaning of Absalom (the OT name), and found that it meant "The Father of Peace", which I found to be interesting.

Anyway, there you go.  The new Coat of Skins Style Guide will from now on recommend that the Being formerly known as Saruman be referred to as Asshat Asbalom or abbreviations and variances thereof.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Dancing on the Ceiling

I went on a run last night, and "Dancing on the Ceiling" by Lionel Richie came on my Spotify playlist.  For whatever reason, the song just hit right, and it has been playing in my head ever since.  This morning when I woke up, it was still there playing along.

When Richie sings the opening line:

What is happening here?
Something's going on that's not quite clear

I was like "Yeah, that pretty much sums it up!"

On my first listen through, I was sort of thinking that to 'dance on the ceiling' was symbolic of perhaps this gathering in the sky that I keep writing about, and people having a big party on the ceiling - like, above us, or something.

When Richie sings the line "looks like everybody is having a ball", I thought this fit in nicely.  The Celestial Kingdom, where I imagine this big party happening, is where everyone will be given a stone, or a ball perhaps, so literally everyone would have a ball.  At least that is where my mind was going with things.

The cover art that was on Spotify reinforced a theme that has seemed to tie to this concept, also.  Lionel Richie, who is black, is wearing a white suite, so you had this imagery of Black and White.  And, of course, there is his name.  Lion-el.  The actual name itself means "Young Lion", so we have Lion showing up (as in the Camel-Lion - the Good Chameleon).  Heck, if we want to mix up the name, we can have El mean Star, and we have the Lion Star - one of the 12 stars?

Richie is a nickname for Richard, which means "Strong Ruler".  So, the Lion Ruler.  Seems consistent with Peter-Marsh as Ingwe, perhaps the true Lion of the Lord, vs Brigham, his usurper, who Leo nicely coined in his own word play as the Lyin' of the Lord in a comment on an earlier post.

Richie can also simply mean Rich - like as in Wealthy or Rich... like Richie Rich, or something like that.  I just wrote yesterday in my post about those Chocolate Easter Eggs and that they were "Rich" eggs, and that these Eggs could potentially be associated with the Apostles, with Peter as one of them.

And of course, to beat a dead horse with the name thing, Dick is a nickname for Richard or Richie, and that has definitely come up before, with I think us landing on the fact that Dicks need to have Stones in order for them to be good.

I just thought of something right now while typing as well.  Lionel Richie is currently a Judge on the show American Idol.  That is funny.  Obviously fits with another element of Peter-Marsh we have covered on this blog, in that he has been and will be a Judge in God's "church", as he was, for example, as Alma (the Elder).

OK, so that all is great.  However, later last night, I thought I would pull up the music video and see what that was like, since sometimes I've had some success in seeing some symbols there, or at last having a thought or two jogged in the process.

Richie took the video a little different direction than I had imagined, but was probably more consistent with others' expectations.  Whereas I had envisioned people dancing in the sky, or maybe even on a rooftop or something, he literally had people dancing upside down on the ceiling.  I am not sure why the whole concept of things going upside down and people dancing that way on a ceiling completely eluded me prior to the video, but it did.  So, it was pretty interesting for me to see this take.

In the video, Richie arrives at a condo, and there is a party already going on.  It looks like a pretty cool party already, but everyone is just obeying the normal laws of gravity at this point and dancing on the floor.

Richie heads over the wall and proceeds to walk straight up it, and then continue on to dance upside down on the ceiling.  At this point, everyone is still dancing on the floor but looking up at him as he is dancing on the ceiling:

Richie proceeds to dance down the other side of the wall and return to the floor.  He then does something pretty cool and on point for the Peter-Marsh character and his role:  he invites people to come join him dancing on the ceiling.  He goes over to the wall with a few dancers, and shows them how to start walking up the wall, and then continues to guide and direct them as they make a complete circuit onto the ceiling, back down the other wall, and returning to the florr.

At this point, the imagery of Jesus teaching Peter how to walk on water (at least in the traditional telling of the New Testament) came to mind.  In the New Testament account, Peter is initially successful, but then sinks and needs to be rescued.  I am not sure what the whole truth of that account is, but I do think that the walking on water episode is probably misunderstood and was meant to refer to a different 'water', not just a simple lake or even ocean, perhaps.  

Specifically, I have hypothesized that when various groups have crossed 'water', whether the Lehites or Jaredites, they have actually been crossing space, and journeying to other worlds.  So, to learn to walk on water, would be to learn to space walk, as it were, or at least 'walk' in some fashion to another world.  This is something Peter would have had to do, perhaps, in reaching our own world from Tirion.  I don't know.  In any case, a space walk, whatever that actually means, is consistent with the imagery of Lionel Richie's party, where the laws of gravity no longer apply, and perhaps even applying to other worlds where rules are different, maybe.

I am not sure how literal I mean that analogy, by the way, of walking in space, but it just came to my mind, and there could be something there.

In any case, the important point is that in the video Richie first dances on the walls and ceiling and demonstrates to everyone else that it can be done, and then he invites everyone else to come join him.  That seems like a fairly consistent story element to what I have explored earlier.

After this, we soon have everybody up on the ceiling, dancing upside down from our point of view:

As they all dance, ceiling lights will start turning on, shining down on the floor where they came from, almost as if the Family of Light is now gathered up in the sky and shining (as I imagined it).

At this point, when I saw everyone dancing upside down, a phrase from a verse from Isaiah, but also found in 2 Nephi 27 came very clearly to my mind.  This chapter has come up before on this blog, in discussing the 'sealed book' as likely the Sawtooth Stone and the words that came from it, along with my very speculative guesses regarding some events around it in my post "The Learned":  Brigham Young as the Man to whom words are delivered.

In Nephi's prophecy, we find words from "Isaiah", which mention things being turned "upside down".  That is the phrase that came to my mind:  "turning of things upside down".  Here is the full verse:

And wo unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord! And their works are in the dark; and they say: Who seeth us, and who knoweth us? And they also say: Surely, your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay. But behold, I will show unto them, saith the Lord of Hosts, that I know all their works. For shall the work say of him that made it, he made me not? Or shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, he had no understanding?

It seems that some things will in fact be turned "upside down", and that this will be a good thing for God's children, but not such a good thing for those whose works are in the dark.  This is all in the context of God's "marvelous work and a wonder", which Nephi mentions in the verse that immediately precedes the one I just quoted:

Therefore, I will proceed to do a marvelous work among this people, yea, a marvelous work and a wonder, for the wisdom of their wise and learned shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent shall be hid.

Well, walking on the ceiling will definitely be a wonder.

One other Easter Egg I noticed in the video.  After Richie enters the room, there is a scene where they all do a dance move while seeming to welcome him to the room where they swing their right arm in a giant circle while holding their left arm out extended to the side, like someone would do in playing a guitar (it is hard to get a good shot the way they panned the camera in close, so maybe best to view it yourself at about the 1:00 mark of the video, which I will post at the end):

Strangely, I recognized this dance move!  It is demonstrated in a movie that has come up before on this blog:  Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.  Bill and Ted accidentally end up in the future in what looks to be a some kind of council.  The individual who looks to be the leader says "It's you", to which Ted replies "Yeah, it's us!  Who are we?".  The 3 Beings greeting them then proceeds to do a guitar strum sign.  People appear all around Bill and Ted and also perform the sign that I am referring to as a greeting:

There is a rock ballad playing during that scene, which I had to hunt down because it really stuck out to me just now.  It is called "In Time", by Robbie Robb.   So, I just listened to it for the first time right now, and now consider it to be one of the more relevant songs/ lyrics I have posted on this blog.  Seriously.  It also ties nicely into Lionel Richie's song, as the chorus' message is that "in time we'll be dancing in the streets all night".

So, I am going to wrap this up and post both the "Dancing on the Ceiling" video below, as well as the song "In Time".  And actually I will do a hat trick and throw in the Ben and Jerry, I mean, Bill and Ted scene where the guitar sign is given.  I actually think their dialogue in the scene is relevant also, go figure.  It will be a history report, and not a future report, after all.

"Dancing on the Ceiling":

Here is the Bill and Ted clip:

And then for those interested, here is the full "In Time" song that you could hear during that scene:

Quick Update:

Kind of funny.... after posting this, I went directly to my email and the email sitting right at the top of my inbox had a title that simply said "Time to elevate".

It turned out to be an advertisement from the Minnesota Wild hockey team for their game against the Colorado Avalanche tonight.

Quick Update #2:

After closing out my email, I went to check out the "In Time" song again, and YouTube led with an advertisement for... Oreo Cookies.  And not just any Oreos - Oreo Thins.

Monday, April 8, 2024

Eggs and Apostles come in packs of 12

Perhaps because it was the week leading up to Easter, I had a dream that seemed to span 3 nights (3 different dreams on 3 nights) and which culminated in my final dream with me driving in a minivan with a bunch of chocolate Easter eggs.  

I was going to write about these dreams back during that week, but couldn't get up the energy for it.  And of course just now, when I was going to write just some quick summary thoughts now about WrestleMania, I suddenly feel like I'd rather dive into those dreams.  So, let's go with the moment, and give it a shot.

In my first dream, I was with my family and we were driving to the world headquarters of Unilever, which is a multinational company that owns some well-known consumer goods brands.  Apparently, in my dream Unilever had a Chocolate Factory, and we had been invited there for a tour that started on a specific date and time.  I believe the real Unilever is headquartered in the UK, but I am not sure if that was the case in my dream.  It wasn't specified, but we seemed to know where we were going as we were driving there.

Once we arrived on their campus, we went to the building where we thought the Factory was located.   We had arrived in plenty of time (the instructions we had been given said to arrive something like 15 minutes before the scheduled start), but ran into a snag as it turned out the building we showed up at was not quite the correct one.

An employee noticed that we seemed lost, and offered to help.  When he heard we were looking for the factory, he thought he knew where it was and led us over to a large directory map of the Unilever campus to point it out.  It quickly turned out that the employee didn't know where it was, which seemed to surprise him as he searched over the map.  A few other employees came over to help, and no one was quite certain which building the Factory was in.  Consensus was reached, however, that we were more than likely in the wrong area - the Factory was probably on the other side of the campus, and the suggestion was that we should head over there and ask around.

At this point, we began to be nervous as we were cutting it close on time.  The help had been taking long enough where we were almost at our 15 minutes cut-off period.  We still didn't know where the Factory was, and even if we found it, I was very concerned we would either arrive after the tour started, or late enough where our spot was going to be given to somebody else.

It was in this state that I woke up.

The next night, I had a dream that simply involved the word "Ghirardelli".  Ghirardelli is a brand of chocolate, that is at least well known as a higher-end brand of chocolate here in the US, but I am not sure if they exist globally.  Given the chocolate connection, and some thinking I had done based on the dream the night before, I assumed that perhaps this was related to my dream regarding a Chocolate Factory.

On the third night, apparently we must have found the Chocolate Factory and gone through the tour, because we were driving away from it in a minivan (we don't own a minivan in real life, but we were in one in the dream).  I was actually back in one of the captain's chairs (the mid row), with my wife up in front driving.  I looked around and noticed that there were several eggs of various colors scattered around me in the car.  I soon understood that these were chocolate eggs, that we had gotten them from the chocolate factory, and that they were extremely valuable.  Rich eggs, is how I thought of them.

But they were rolling all around the vehicle because apparently we had just tossed them into the van loosely as we were leaving.  I called up to my wife that it sure would be nice if we had some kind of container to put the eggs into.  She reached back and handed me something to put all the eggs into.  I didn't count them exactly, but I remarked that we had between 12 and 15, it looked like.  Somewhere in there.  After putting them all into the container, I woke up.

Thoughts and interpretations

So, those are the dreams, and now I am going to go through some of my thinking - as always, who knows if any of this is right, but why not try and make sense of a few things.

The first question is why Unilever?  It seemed strange.  However, I started with names, like I do these days, and came up with at least one answer.  I broke the word down into Uni and Lever.

Uni, in English usage, is based on the Latin, which means simply "one".  As in Unicorn (One Horn), Unicycle (One cycle or wheel), etc.   That seemed pretty straightforward.

Lever, according to Etymonline, comes from the French "lever" and Latine "levare", which means "to raise".

So, Unilever means "One to raise".  That worked out pretty cleanly, and is in line with the general theme being explored here, first articulated with Faramir-Eonwe being raised as part of these Stones, but we've also explored this having to do with others, as well, such as Peter-Marsh who was promised that he would be 'exalted'.

However, I had an interesting experience when I looked up Unilever to see if there was something else about them.  One of Unilever's brands is "Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream".  Ben and Jerry's is well known ice cream brand in the US that has a bunch of unique flavors.  They were also founded in Vermont.  Burlington, the town it was founded in, is just a little northwest of where Joseph Smith was born (Sharon, VT).

The name held my attention for whatever reason.  "Ben" has come up before on this blog, and is a name I have associated with Faramir-Eonwe, since Ben means "Son".  Jerry was a new name, however, and a riddle I couldn't pass up looking into.  I had a hunch, since I had been exploring the Faramir and Peter-Marsh connection, that perhaps Jerry might relate to the other member of that duo.

It turns out Jerry is one of those nicknames that is associated with more than one name.  Jeremiah, for example.  Or Gerald.  Even Jared.  Lots of options.

I started with Jeremiah.  Want to know what that name means?  "God will exalt".

Jackpot!  Recall, that the promise to Thomas B. Marsh (Peter) is that he would be exalted, and that his path "lieth among the mountains" (refer to D&C 112).  And here we have a name referring to just that - a Being that God will exalt.  It also seemed to pair nicely with the Unilever name itself:  "One to raise".

So, I thought this was all pretty cool, and things were clicking.  In the language of my past few posts, in Ben and Jerry I think we have our two Gim G's (Gim Githil and Gim Goru).

I also looked into Gerald:  that name means "spear ruler" or "brave spear".  This is obviously a bit more cryptic since spears haven't really come into play yet with any characters or story elements explored on this blog (I don't think so, at least).  I have a few different thoughts about this, but let’s just leave it at this for now.  The reason why I think Gerald might also be relevant, or something worth holding onto, is because of that name that came the next night.

Night 2 brought Ghirardelli, an Italian variant of Ghirard, or Gerard.  I had gone through this whole Ben and Jerry's tangent that day after my first dream, and so this predated the Ghirardelli dream.  Thus, I had taken the reference of this name to mean that perhaps I was on the right track in going down that path (with Unilever's Ice Cream brand), as well as that Girard was perhaps also a relevant name to consider here.

In any case, for those who have been to San Francisco, you may have been to a place called Ghirardelli Square.  I was born in San Francisco, and my wife and I lived there before moving to Minnesota.  This Square is the historic site where the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory once was.  So, besides a connection to Jerry's name from the ice cream, I took the Ghirardelli word in my dream to relate to this Chocolate Factory from Night 1 of this 3-part dream.   Now when you go to the Square, there isn't a Factory anymore, but a collection of shops, one of which is the Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience.

As an aside, I just realized a couple days ago that Francisco is a Spanish form of Francis, which has obviously come up before with Francis Scott Key and Francis Bakin'.  I am not sure why I didn't see that before.

Recall that I have related both Faramir (Willy Wonka) and Marsh (Charlie) with a Chocolate Factory in past analogies (whether it is WWE or Willy Wonka, it seems like we can find a story somewhere).  And here we have a Chocolate Factory that was named after Ghirardelli, or Jerry by nickname.  The 'one who God exalts', or Peter-Marsh-Charlie Bucket.  Charlie's Chocolate Factory.  I don't know - I thought it was kind of cool.

Anyway, so that is where we stood at the end of Night 2.  Some interesting connections, with Faramir and Peter represented on the side of Ben and Jerry Ice Cream pints located at your neighborhood grocery store, and a strange visit to a Chocolate Factory that seems one must be exalted (uni-lever) in order to reach, but which nobody seems to know where it is.

Night 3 put any concerns to rest that the Chocolate Factory would remain hidden.  I had found it somehow, though I didn't remember how, and in my dream now had these amazing and really expensive chocolate eggs from the Factory I was returning with.

This took a bit more thinking, but I think I have something that makes sense.  It actually hit me as I was in fact walking down a grocery story aisle.  In my dream I had asked for a container to keep the eggs all in one place - this was really emphasized.   As I passed the egg section, I observed that eggs there don't go all over the place because they are in containers.  No duh, right?  They aren't just lying loosely in the fridge like they were in my car - they have been places in a container.  The most common container of eggs has 12 eggs.

Cue the light bulb and a potential meaning of my dream.

The number 12 is also represented by the number of Apostles.  Besides being the classical number found in the Bible, this number is also represented in Lehi's vision (12 shining stars, plus the baker's dozen addition of the 13th bright Being), as well as the pattern Jesus set in Bountiful by calling 12 disciples, and referencing 12 other disciples in Jerusalem-Tirion.

I then felt that the dream-eggs in my van were representative of 12 Apostles, or at least numbered after them, and the container was just kind of a specific call out to bring attention to that fact, in some creative way.  My guess is the scattered and loose nature of the eggs in the minivan represented the scattered state of the apostles in their present condition.

But, if these eggs had something to do with Apostles, then what was the meaning of them being in my minivan on the way back from the Chocolate Factory?

My best guess is that these eggs represented something that was intended to be given to these 12 apostles.  In this interpretation, whomever I was viewing the dream through had been to the Chocolate Factory (Xanadu, Tirion, etc. in this analogy), and was now bringing something back from that place.  Perhaps they were literal Stones for each of the apostles, or perhaps just symbolic of some really good things for each of them.

The implication here then, just to be clear, is that all 12 of these Apostles are now here on this Earth, but have forgotten who they are, like all of us.  They need to be reminded of who they are, so they can then back to work doing the things that they need to be doing (i.e., becoming a travelling group of messengers called to gather out all who will come).

I had to think about this for a bit, but this seems to at least be consistent with something I wrote before regarding Faramir and one role of the Holy Ghost.  Before I had linked those two specifically, in my post The Holy Ghost:  John 14 - 16  I summarized what I took as some specific tasks given to the Holy Ghost based on what Jesus said in John 14 - 16 (or recorded as saying, at least) as well as his words at Bountiful.  These were the jobs I highlighted:

  • Be sent by the Father in the name of Jesus
  • Teach the disciples of Jesus all things
  • Bring everything that Jesus taught the disciples to their remembrance
  • Testify of Jesus
  • Reprove the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment (what these mean are mentioned)
  • Guide the disciples to all truth, including things that Jesus wanted to teach them during his mortal ministry but the disciples were unable to bear
  • Speak only what he hears (will not speak of himself)
  • Show the disciples things to come (i.e., show the future)
  • Receive what Jesus has, and then show it to the disciples
  • Glorify Jesus
  • Bear record of both the Father and the Son

Hard to explain, but re-reading this list helped me make sense of the Chocolate Factory dream.  I was perhaps viewing the dream once again through the eyes of Faramir, who I have somehow linked with the Holy Ghost, and whose story involves returning to Tirion.  There he would have received some things meant to be given to Jesus' apostles, which was represented by the Easter Eggs rolling around in my minivan.  Jesus promised the disciples that he would send the Holy Ghost to remind and teach them, and that will happen through Faramir going and returning with these things.

Strange, I know, but that is where my mind is.  

At that point, then, Peter and his fellow Apostles will be restored and probably commence or continue with their work.  I can't guess at what that looks like, but at least Peter's path it seems will be in the sky among other worlds, and perhaps that will also apply to the other Apostles.  Who knows.  

I am not sure if Peter would have also been along for that initial visit to the Chocolate Factory (or maybe before or after?) - it is a bit confused in my mind, honestly, how that all goes with him and Faramir, so I am leaving it kind of fuzzy as to who goes where and when.  I don't know.  My guess is that he will have visited Tirion at least once before going on their respective voyages, as several things seem to point strongly to that.  For him, at least, his visit in person before gathering others back would be consistent with his earlier role as Ingwe Gim Githil.  And it seems that if the 12 are to gather out people to return to Tirion, then it would have been good for all of them to have seen it so they can speak with firsthand knowledge about what they are bringing people back to.

Anyway, that is what I have for right now:  Chocolate eggs delivered directly to forgetful apostles on this world straight from a Heavenly Chocolate Factory.