Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Sammy Hagar: The Red Rock(er)

 Of course, Sammy Hagar had to come walkin' in.

I mentioned Sammy in my recent post on using the movie Twister to highlight some story elements.  For some reason, I thought I had mentioned him before somewhere on this blog, but I hadn't, so why I specifically mentioned him would have been unclear to anybody else but me.

Sammy and I go way back.  Way back.

Late 2017 is when I first came into contact or interacted with Doug and his SLC group.  As I believe I did mention in a previous post, there were a few of us scattered around the US who were invited to join occasional calls that group would have.  They would meet in person, and dial us in.  It was a bit of a study group, I guess.

Since we had opened up a larger group dialogue, we also would sometimes email each other and/ or Doug with questions about Words of the Faithful, which if I remember right, at that time was the only book out (Slumbered had not yet been published, I don't think).  For those who have attempted to read that book, you know how confusing and somewhat unapproachable it can be.  When I first picked it up, I hadn't read the Silmarillion or any of Tolkien's books outside of LOTR, so much of what I read the first time through just went right over my head.  I wasn't familiar with any of the names.  I don't think I even knew what Numenor was.

So I had a lot of questions.  So did others.  Leo, who comments on this blog, was part of this initial non-SLC group, as well.  He kept some of those old emails (I had deleted everything), and some of what I will write here tying some things back to Sammy Hagar is based on reading back through some of those emails that he kept and sent on to me after I asked him if he still had them.  I asked him for them because Sammy Hagar features fairly heavily in those old exchanges.

So, why am I writing about Sammy Hagar?  I will first get into the recent stuff in this post, and then I was going to go into what I think is happening, including referencing some of the topics from those earlier exchanges back in 2017, but I think I will just focus on the first part and save the rest for later (because I am still sorting it all out, and made a stab initially at some things and explanations in this post that I've decided to take out and table until I get a better feel).

It is Sammy Hagar's voice we hear at various times throughout the movie Twister singing "Shine on!".  I mentioned in that post that this would be the last song Hagar would record with Van Halen, because the band had already been in disarray and basically imploded after recording this song for the movie.   In that post, I only alluded to the fact that it was interesting to have Sammy Hagar here in a movie that had so many interesting Easter Eggs that I saw, and it was these previous email exchanges that were on my mind when I wrote that (although I didn't have the emails to reference when I wrote that, I remembered the general points of the exchange).

I left it at that.  But after publishing the post, I went back and watched the music video for "Humans Being" that I included at the end of the post.  I confirmed once again that besides the chorus, which I think is catchy, I really do not care for the song at all.  However, as Sammy Hagar kept flashing up on the screen, along with his long, flowing, golden locks, I had the strange thought: "He is totally trying to pose as Glorfindel!".

Glorfindel was famous for his long, golden hair, so much so that his name literally means "Goldilocks" or "Golden Hair".  

And Hagar, of course, was also well known for his long golden hair.  Here he is from a still shot from that "Humans Being" video:

It is this imagery of his long, blond hair going all over the place that brought Glorfindel to mind.  

Anyway, so I had this thought, and Sammy already had a interesting place in my mind from back in 2017, and I thought I would look into this a bit more.  Van Halen in general seems to be a theme.  I wrote that my youngest son's favorite song is "Right Now" from the Van Hagar era, and, no joke, two days ago my oldest son decided he wanted to learn that song on the piano.  I just heard him playing it on the piano after he had printed up the the sheet music on his own, and he then told me he wanted to learn it.  He hasn't played the piano in years.

Some people might not know this, but Sammy Hagar attributes his rock star status to Aliens.  It was actually Leo that had brought this up initially, I believe, all the way back in that first 2017 exchange.  Sammy has held that two alien Beings situated nearby his home one night in the mid-60s telepathically plugged into his mind.   He would go on to link his future rock star status with this alien experience.  Here is a quote from an interview with Sammy in relation to his encounter:


My ego was telling me: They’ve programmed you to be a rock star! So I used it as a tool to write songs about outer space and the future, songs like Crack In The World and Silver Lights, which is about the second coming of Christ – Jesus coming back in a spaceship.

It is important to note that in Hagar's lyrics, he is explicitly acknowledging that he is writing about or referencing Aliens, Jesus, etc., so we shouldn't be surprised to see those things there when we find them.  He is specifically putting them there, on purpose.   So, the general theme isn't interesting, but rather some of the specifics elements that we might find within those themes and his lyrics are.  I am not going into his songs in this post, though.

So, I already knew this about Hagar from this earlier conversation, and I had looked into a few other things based on a specific song of his resurfacing in my words and dreams back in 2019 (including the song "Love Walks In" playing very clearly one morning).  But I didn't know much more about him, other than I do have a knee-jerk reaction against him that I can't quite place.

I did some more investigating.

Sammy Hagar wrote an autobiography titled "Red:  My Uncensored Life in Rock".  Here is the cover:

The cover immediately jumped out at me because of the red "RED".  I had just recently written a post with the following magazine cover on it:

This stood out to me, that RED in all caps and red, and I thought I might be on the right path here in looking into this and sorting out some thoughts.  I mean, associating anything red with Hagar was a total surprise to me.

Why Red?  Why was that associated with Sammy Hagar?  This was my next question, and it turns out that Sammy Hagar was known as the Red Rocker.  Again, this was unknown to me, and when I read this, it struck me as one of the funniest things I have read in a long time.  The Red Rock-er (or Red Stone).

Beginning with my post "Gold and Red Stars: El-Anor and the Sawtooth Stone", which I wrote a few weeks ago, I've developed a theory that the Sawtooth Stone (Rock) is actually Red.  That initial post also explicitly tied to Glorfindel, because it is when I saw Glorfindel's House Emblem on the back of a truck I was driving behind, but not in gold but rather red, that I first had the thought come to my mind that the Sawtooth Stone is Red.  Here is the picture of Glorfindel's emblem (as portrayed on Tolkien Gateway) compared with the red decal or paint job on the back of the truck as a reminder:

So, here I was already having tied Sammy Hagar to Glorfindel (in terms of being a poser), and now we had this imagery of the Red Rock (Stone) also tying these two together.

As the Red Rocker, apparently Hagar also liked to dress up in Red.  Here is a sample picture:

My goodness.

Here is another of him now as a much older rocker, still sporting the Red Rocker vibe:

Sammy lives in Hawaii now, I believe, which explains the makau  he is wearing as a necklace, but that symbol also came up recently in my dreams of footwear, flip-flops, and cleats.

The dressing up in Red may matter or be relevant because of earlier observations I have made about one Being dressed in Red apparel.  Both Daniel LaRusso from The Karate Kid and Marty McFly from Back to the Future have been associated with the color Red in previous posts, with LaRusso meaning "The Red" and Marty linked to Mars, the Red Planet.  I have linked those characters, specifically Daniel LaRusso, to both Red Sawtooth Stone as well as the Being who will ultimately come into possession of it, Faramir.

Further, in tying some of that imagery to the Stone, I proposed (I think still accurately) that the Being mentioned in D&C 133 (and Revelations 19) as being dressed in red apparel is not Jesus, but the one who will be authorized to act in his name: Ja-ho-e-oop, or Faramir-Eonwe, who is also the Holy Ghost.

Daniel LaRusso means "The Red Judge" and the redness of the apparel mentioned in conjunction with the Being in D&C 133 may at least be in part due to his Red Stone.

So, at this point, not only do we have Sammy Hagar pulling off the Glorfindel look with his hair, but we have him also adopting the apparel of the Red Judge.

And now I understand (I think) my dislike for Hagar, or why some things about him bother me (again, I don't know much about him personally - he may be the nicest guy ever - I am just reacting to perhaps the concept of Sammy Hagar, if that makes sense).

All of this is unknowing, by the way, or unconsciously done on Sammy Hagar's part, I would think. I can't imagine that he would in any way connect his red clothes with the imagery of either Jesus or one acting on his behalf, even though he explicitly mentions singing about Jesus and his Second Coming (said traditional, again, to be performed while wearing Red). These are all emblems and markers that he is doing without knowing it, I assume.

But why is he showing some of these things? And more than that, even though he explicitly stated he is purposely including Christian and Alien symbols into his lyrics, why do we see so many things that actually tie to some specific elements mentioned in concepts explored in Doug's writings, my own words and stories here, and in other places? What is going on?

I don't know exactly. It's actually part of a much larger can of worms, I think. I have several different stories in my head as to how to explain various things, but I don't know just yet how best to attack this and come up with something that makes sense, so I am going to leave off here and save all of that for a later post when I think I have a better handle on some things, maybe.

I will close this post out by saying that for any readers now or in the future who were part of or remember that email exchange, you might recognize how truly ironic it is that I have spent an entire post on Sammy Hagar.

Monday, July 22, 2024

Numenor and The Devil's Eye

 Last week I took my kids to the local library to get them some more summer books to read.

After spending some time helping my youngest pick out a couple books, I went to go pick out a book or two for myself.  I was kind of feeling something science fiction, so headed over to that section.  I didn't really have anything specifically in mind, and didn't really know what I was looking for.  So, I just browsed the shelves, and tried to find something that looked interesting.  Usually I go to the library with a book in mind that I am going there for the specific purpose of picking up, but that wasn't the case here.

After looking at a few options, I picked up a book called "The Devil's Eye" by Jack McDevitt.  There had actually been a couple books before this that I had thought of or that were recommended based on some of the authors' names I had scanned, but the library didn't have any copies on hand.  So I just grabbed this one.

I had never heard of the author before or this book, so I guess we'll see how it goes. 

There was a big soccer tournament in the Twin Cities last week and over the weekend that all 3 of our kids participated in, so it was fairly busy and I didn't really have a chance to read much.  However, after I had gotten home from the library, I did have a chance to read the prologue and started in on the first chapter.

In the very first paragraph of chapter one, Atlantis is mentioned.  This was kind of funny because this is meant to be a book about an adventure in Space, and here the book opens up with Atlantis.  

Atlantis, if you recall, is associated with Numenor in my story here.  In an earlier post titled "The restoration of Numenor", I linked the sinking of Atlantis with the drowning of Numenor:

This 'wave' is the Numenorean wave that completely submerged that 'island'.  Tolkien would associate this event, and Numenor itself, with the myth of Atlantis.  In fact, the Quenyan/Elvish name for Numenor is "Atalante", meaning "the Downfallen".  Tolkien called it a 'happy accident' that the name matched up so well with Atlantis.

That post focused on the theme of the restoration of Numenor.  Specifically, that it is necessary for Numenor to be restored as part of a 'highway' that is cast up in the midst of the great deep (per D&C 133), with the great deep being Space.

So, here I am in the very first paragraph reading about Atlantis (in a book that is meant to be about Space), and the narrator talks about, of all things, the restoration of Atlantis, and whether it should be done.  How funny.

Here is picture of the page, and I will include the relevant quote in case you can't read it:

here is the first paragraph:

Atlantis, despite all the hoopla, was no big deal.  I mean, how could it be after twelve thousand years at the bottom of the sea?  Alex and I looked out the cabin windows at the ruins, which weren't much more than mounds in the quiet, clear water.  You could still pick out a wall here and there.  Not much else.  There'd been periodic talk of restoration over the centuries, but the prevailing opinion had always been that if you restored it, it would no longer be Atlantis.

This is a fascinating phrase not only for the mention of restoring Atlantis right at the beginning of a space novel, but for the mention that if restored, it would no longer be Atlantis.

On that second point, in context of my story, my answer is of course it wouldn't be, and all the more reason to restore it!  Atalante, as mentioned above, means "the Downfallen".  If that world is restored, it will no longer be Downfallen, but something else.  It would require a new Name given to it by the Elves.  Meaning, the author here is writing something they hadn't obviously intended, but works very well with both the concept or idea of restoration and the original meaning of Atalante (Atlantis) that solely points to its downfall.

It needs to be restored, for the very purpose of it no longer being Atlantis, if you follow.

In any case, I hadn't read even a sample of the book at the library, so to come home and see mention of Atlantis and its restoration in the very first paragraph of the first chapter in a book that was about space travel with a picture of spaceship flying toward a star on its cover was something I took notice of.

I thought the caption that started off Chapter 1 was interesting as well.  The quote goes:

Civilization is about constructing and maintaining a coherent time line to the past.  If we are to know who we are, and where we are going, we must remember where we have been and who took us there.

-- Etude in Black

I will need to look up this "Etude in Black" (if it a thing, or just made up for the novel), because this Black mention, along with a song (the Etude), seems to also match up well to the story of Numenor - a Black or Dark Study, perhaps.  But, the quote itself is interesting because that is essentially what I argue that we have lost in our present state.  We have no coherent understanding or our past, and are lost as a result.  This is particularly true for the Numenorean story.  Pippin and Merry worked very hard, apparently, in the years following the War of the Ring to try and reconstruct and capture the timeline of the first 3 ages that led up to their own adventures.  Appendix B "The Tale of Years" captures some of the results of their labor, where we actually are given a literal timeline of dates and important events. 

But, for the period of the 2nd age - the Numenorean Age - we get the disclaimer "Of events in Middle-earth the records are few and brief, and their dates are often uncertain".  There wasn't a lot to work with, basically, and many things were lost.  Part of our story here involves the restoration of not only the land of Numenor, but also the true tales of what happened - a restoration of a world and its stories.

Lastly, the mention of Numenor (in the form of the Atlantis myth) in a book titled "The Devil's Eye" was interesting for another personal reason.  Over the last several weeks, I have had imagery come to my mind of scenes of the destruction of Eressea by the Numenoreans.  These are sort of dramatic scenes, usually set to music while I am on a morning run or something.  Many of these scenes conclude where my vision zooms out, and as I pan away from the scene, I find that these images have been happening within the eye of Sauron, as he sits upon a throne with an evil smile on his face.  In other words, the Numenorean scenes inevitably shift out and away first to Sauron's eye (which encompassed the scene), then to his face, and then finally to his whole Being sitting on this chair as my vision continues to move farther back from whatever Numenorean scene I had been imagining, if that makes sense.

Since Sauron was the "Devil" of the 2nd Age, seeing this mention of Atlantis in a book called The Devil's Eye called to mind those scenes.

Sunday, July 21, 2024

Twister, "The Extreme", and Shine On

Last night we decided to watch the movie "Twister".  This was a 90's movie I remember watching when I was in high school, and I think that was the only time.  I guess a sequel to that original movie came out a couple days ago, so the original movie was either being promoted on streaming services because of that, or a bunch of people were watching it which made it come up as one of the first options when we were looking at the menu.

The story is fairly ridiculously unbelievable, but that is exactly the sort of story where some of these little gems seem to be found to compare with the equally ridiculously unbelievable story explored on this blog (think Xanadu, for example).  There were definitely some interesting things that jumped out at me.  Let's see what we have.

Twisters and Black Holes

Black Holes, and symbolism around them (such as Solar Eclipses, New Moon Shine, etc) were a big theme on this blog a few months ago, and then kind of faded into the background as I explored some other story elements.  They seem to come back, however, in this symbolism of the Twister or Tornado.  When the movie was just getting going, the comparison of Tornadoes with Black Holes came to my mind, though no specific mention of this was made.  It may have been mention of the "Suck Zone" that spurred the thought, though.  Philip Seymour Hoffman has a role in this movie, and at the beginning he is explaining tornadoes to another character, and mentions this zone as being where the tornado sucks you up.  You've gone too close, and the tornado pulls you in and up.

I think this commentary reminded my of a Black Hole's Event Horizon, the place of no escape where the Hole will "suck" everything in, including Light.  My understanding is that this "Suck Zone" for tornadoes may not actually exist, but it was used for purposes of the movie, and as you will see with some other comparisons, tornadoes sucking people up and transporting them to a different place has been used in movies before (i.e., Wizard of Oz).

Anyway, it wasn't until this morning that I looked up Tornadoes and Black Holes to see if they are in anyway considered analogous.  Two very credible sites - California Institute of Technology/ NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and the Esa-Hubble site (who manage the Hubble telescope) - make this analogy, so I think it is OK for our purposes.

Kip Thorne, who assisted with the movie Interstellar (which also had some interesting little Easter Eggs for us as highlighted in another post) on the science of Black Holes, made the specific comparison of Black Holes with Tornadoes in a paper he titled "Black Holes:  The Most Luminous Objects in the Universe, But No Light!".  The title itself was interesting given so much imagery we have explored around Beings and objects which are both luminous but also dark.

His specific mention was this:

If the star that imploded to create the black hole was spinning (and all stars spin, at least a little bit), then the black hole will spin.  The hole’s spin drags space into a whirling motion near itself – a fast whirl near the horizon and slower farther away, like the whirling air in a tornado.   See Figure 4b.  Anything that falls into the hole gets grabbed by the whirling space, like a straw grabbed by a tornado’s whirling wind, and gets whipped around and around the hole, faster and faster as it nears the hole’s horizon. 

Figure 5 is a precise map of the warped spacetime around a fast-spinning black hole, as predicted by Einstein’s relativity. 

Figure 5 that he references in his paper looks like this:

 The map Thorne depicts looks just like that of a Tornado.

This is all to say that I think my initial interpretation or original insight that Tornadoes in the movie might be representative of Black Holes, at least with some of the story elements I started playing around with, was a valid one.  This will be important for a few other interesting themes that emerged in my mind as I attempted to connect a few dots

Bill Harding:  "The Extreme"

The character of Bill Harding is one of the two primary protagonists in the film.  His wife Jo is the other one.  Bill and Jo are estranged, but still married, which is an interesting connection to a couple characters I've mentioned here - in fact, the two characters that seem to be getting the most air-time in my thinking:  Faramir and Eowyn.

Bill's name obviously stood out to me as I watched the film because, well, it is my own name, or a nickname for William (I go by Bill in my non-blogging life).   "Harding" I didn't think to look up until this morning, but that was interesting.  It means (I guess I should have known) The Hard One or The Firm One- seems to make sense with Hard in the actual name.  

When I realized this, I actually first thought back to the name Starerios.  "Ben" who has commented on this blog in the past, mentioned that Starerios might be translated under its Elvish components.  He said this in a comment to my post "Ancient Juice as something that will be brought with the Sawtooth Stone".  Star would mean "stiff, firm, hard", and Erios would be close to Eriol, which would be "One or Alone".  So "Firm One".  Just like Harding, which struck me as relevant, perhaps.

I have attached the title or name of Starerios with that of Faramir, and as you will see based on a few more nuggets in the movie, that is who I believe Bill Harding is meant to represent (loosely of course - we are just looking for little symbolic nods or winks buried in the story, not wholesale stories themselves or perfect matches from Hollywood).

An interesting discussion transpires around Bill at the house of Jo's aunt, Meg.  The question is raised by Bill's fiance Melissa (a name that has also come up here before) as to why everyone keeps referring to Bill by the nickname "The Extreme".  I will post the clip below, and then tie this back to a few things and I think you may see where I am going with this.

The story itself doesn't actually do much for me in helping to understand where The Extreme name came from, other than it succeeds in painting Bill as a fairly crazy dude that belies the mild-mannered character we have met so far in the story.

In the story that Dusty shares, one important element emphasized is that Bill was naked.  This is another one of those parts of the script that just stood out to me like a sore thumb.  Bill being naked is emphasized by pretty much every single character sitting at the table - they were all witness to his nakedness.  This is interesting because Faramir and Eowyn I have likened to Adam and Eve in the LDS temple drama, with Adam being Michael, who would have assisted Jehovah-Jesus in Creation (but again, "Adam" also refers to "Many", so several layers of meaning with that name, and multiple people referred to depending on which layer).  A major part of that story, and in the traditional bible account, is that Adam-Michael was naked in the Garden (as was Eve).

The reference to Jack Daniels as the drink that Bill tosses into the tornado is also interesting both for the presence of a drink in this story, and the name of the drink with Jack (John) appearing again alongside Daniel.

But, most interesting to me, is the actual nickname of The Extreme.  Again, the story didn't really touch on the name, or who first called him that  (as Jo said in that clip "You guys gotta get some new stories".  Amen.  We need new stories!), but if you look up Extreme on Etymonline, you will get the following:

outermost, utmost, farthest, last; the last part; extremity, boundary; highest or greatest degree

A few things that stand out to me here.  First, boundaries and the mention of "last".  Starerios, who I believe is represented by Orion the Swordsman, I have mentioned as being Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last.  This ties perfectly with the definition of Extreme - the boundaries of First and Last, and everything falling in between those two points.

Further, Faramir-Eonwe I have also identified with the star Kolob, from the LDS Pearl of Great Price and also Joseph Smith's Grammar and Alphabet of the Egyptian Language (GAEL).  Kolob is one of the Great Ones, which comprise of 12 or 15 Great Stars (depending on which passage you read), with Kolob set to govern the the 12.  I thought I put this in a post, but it was actually in a comment on my post titled "The Undiscovered Country, flying into stars, Neverland, and NUVO".  And this comment was actually in response to a comment William Tychonievich left in relation to Kolob.  In part of my comment, I linked Faramir with the star Kolob (I did have this stated more definitely in an existing draft post that I haven't finished or published):

God showed Abraham those 'stars', I think, not just to talk about planets, but to introduce the concept of Beings and their order. It is the most probably reason to me, actually. God (Eru) is the greatest, and next to him is the star Kolob. But I think this is meant to represent a Being also (a star and a man... a Light), and that would be the the Being Joseph Smith identified as Jah-ho-e-oop, and who I have guessed at being Faramir/ Eonwe/ Holy Ghost, etc., in a few of my posts.


Why is the idea of Kolob so interesting in relation to this mention of "The Extreme"?  In the GAEL, there are multiple translations of characters defining of Kolob.  I will highlight two of them:

Kolob in the first degree, It signifies the first great grand governing fixed Star which is the fartherest [sic] that ever has been discovered by the fathers which was discovered by Methuselar [sic] and also by Abraham



Kolob signifies the highest degree of power in government, pertaining to heavenly bodies

There are other definitions in the GAEL which include mention of First and Last, and being Swift, and all of that, but I highlight these two because you will note that they match the definition of Extreme perfectly.  "Farthest" and "Highest Degree" are both exact words that Etymonline uses for Extreme.   In other words, Kolob is "The Extreme", and I have guessed Kolob is represented by Faramir-Eonwe, or the Holy Ghost.

Anyway, I thought that all came together fairly neatly with this nickname "The Extreme".

Jonas and the Son of Perdition

Dorothy is the invention and design of Bill, but as we find out a character by the name of Jonas stole the idea and plans and created his own version of the device, name D.O.T.  DOT is clear play on Dorothy, since Dot is a nickname for Dorothy.

Jonas and his caravan are characterized by their Black or Dark color.  The cars they use are all black, which is fitting for their villain role, compared with the motley crew of Bill and Jo's team, which is pretty rag tag bunch of varied vehicles and equipment.

Interestingly, the name Jonas means Dove and Gift of God.  The Dove is the sign of the Holy Ghost.  This is important for our movie analogy.  It is the character of Faramir as represented by Bill who is the Holy Ghost and who has the plans and means with which to get Dorothy up into that Tornado.  But Jonas has stolen those plans, and even stolen, in a sense, Bill's identity and role, as symbolized by his taking on the name of Dove.

Jo makes the point, though, once Bill finds out that Jonas stole his plans, that Jonas will "never get that thing up in the air".  Here is the part where Bill realizes that Jonas stole Dorothy and confronts the thief:

And (spoiler alert) this turns out to be mostly true about Jonas' DOT (and Jonas himself) never getting up in the air.  Of all of the primary characters in the movie, it is only Jonas and his driver who we see killed, ultimately getting demolished by a super massive F5 tornado.  I say mostly true, because the tornado does briefly pick up Jonas' truck before tossing it back down in a massive explosion.

As Dusty noted in that earlier scene, Jonas would come to rue the day he came up against The Extreme.

So what do I see in this?  Well, the Son of Perdition, of course.  All sins are forgiven, with the exception of those done against the Holy Ghost, of which Asenath and Faramir comprise, to my understanding.  Part of that involves not stealing their stuff and taking on their roles, it would seem, and trying to replace their family.  Jonas and his crew are referred to as 'sell outs' in at least one point of the movie.  This, in my opinion, is a direct comparison to the traditional biblical sell out, Judas Iscariot, who was said to sell and betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

But even in the stealing, not everything can be replicated, with the most important part of the plan or design seemingly unable to be truly stolen, even by expert thieves.  We'll see that in one major difference between Bill's Dorothy and Jonas' DOT, and it will bring us back to Stones and Names.

Dorothy and DOT

The plot of the story revolves around the Bill and Jonas' competing efforts to get their respective machines to go into the center of the Tornado, and there release sensors that will get sucked up by the tornado.

In the designs of these two machines, there is one critical difference which seems kind of ridiculous, but again, I think it means something.  In Bill's Dorothy, the sensors are small spheres (which we find out in the end actually light up as the enter the Tornado).  In Jonas' version, they are cubes.  Here are two pictures highlighting the difference:

It is by Stones that the Children of Abraham will be raised in my story (Asenath’s Crumbs) which I interpret as being very much like the Ball or Anor Stone which was given to Lehi and his family in their journey to the Promised Land.  This also corresponds with Joseph Smith's teachings that every person who enters the Celestial Kingdom will have a White Stone with a Name on it.

So, although Jonas stole the plans, he didn't and doesn't have any Stones at his disposal.  He is rather trying to get Cubes up this Tornado, which just isn't going to work.  Jo is right.  There is not Stone with his Name on it, and he isn't going anywhere.

Interestingly, Cube is used mathematically to express something raised to the power of 3.  This comes (per Etymonline again) from the ancient Greek practice of rolling 3 dice at a time.  Directly from that site:  "The mathematical also was in the ancient Greek word: the Greeks threw with three dice; the highest possible roll was three sixes."

Three sixes are 666.  If you think I am comparing Jonas' theft and attempt here with cubes in the place of spheres with the Satanic mark from Revelations, you are correct.  Seems to fit.  Why not.

Again, the plan from the Good Guys that has been developed and is currently in some stage of execution, in my opinion, is to bring the Family of Light home.  They have been numbered, counted, and named, and these Stones associated with each of them are part of that numbering and counting.  You can't fake or replicate that, I don't believe, no matter how much else you steal or copy.

The name Dorothy, of course, is a reference to the Wizard of Oz, and the main character who finds herself in Oz after travelling there through a tornado with her dog Toto.   We see a picture of Dorothy on the machine itself:

Dorothy means "Gift of God".  I can't speak specifically to other Christian views or teachings (because I don't want to misrepresent them), but in LDS theology it is the Gift of the Holy Ghost that we are to receive.  I believe this Gift is an actual thing, relates to these Stones probably, and is our ticket home.  Thus the importance of receiving this gift.

You may not remember, but another name meaning "Gift of God" has come up before on this blog very recently, in response and in an attempt to interpret the names on the slipper/ shoe cubbies at William's school in his post "Leo, Egbert, Peter".   That name is Jessie, the name that was on the cubby above the 3 name string that seems to refer to Peter-Pharazon (again, in current view).  In my first attempt, I thought Jessie might refer to the gift or blessing of Pharazon returning home with John.  In my follow-up post, I corrected this (I think) to have Jessie to refer to the Holy Ghost, as a third name in that name string in addition to Peter-Pharazon and John, which I still think is the accurate way of interpreting the names we see on those cubbies.

So Jessie is synonymous with Dorothy here.

Dorothy is interesting not only for her journey within a tornado to another place, but for what she is wearing on her feet.  Probably one of, if not the, most famous pairs of shoes in movie history.

Feet and Footwear are significant, at least symbolically.  Both Jesus and Abinadi (the Holy Ghost) testified that there are and will be Beings living on "Mountains" with beautiful feet publishing Good Tidings.  Dorothy, of course, is well known for having beautiful feet because of the Ruby Slippers she obtains once she arrives in Oz.  They are actually her own key for returning Home, she finds out at the end, only needing to click her heels together 3 times (3 knocks) while saying "There's no place like Home" (as she wears the slippers), and she will find herself once again home, with everything OK again.

The connection to some of the winks recently are pretty direct, a few of which have actually been on William's end.  Again, it was a series of shoe and slipper cubbies which had those names.   In William's school, all students must change into slippers before proceeding upstairs.  Further, in a vision he later related, he saw a Ruby descend into a cup, from which fruit came as a box turtle attempted to peer at it.  I have recently guessed that the Sawtooth Stone is actually Red in color, and likely (in my opinion) represented by that Ruby in the cup.  And my guess for quite some time, even before I guessed the Stone was Red, is that the Sawtooth Stone represents some way Home.

All things beings considered, some of the symbolism seems to match up well.  The Red Sawtooth Stone will be the means by which some Beings will "walk" Home.  From this event, a Gift will be given to many others, who will be gathered home via some straight path and gate that brings them there.

Shine On

Just quickly on this.  Shining plays a strange role in this movie.  In a scene at a drive-in movie theater, a tornado strikes at night while the movie "The Shining" is playing.  

Throughout the movie, a song plays with a chorus that has someone singing "Shine On".  It is actually pretty conspicuous.  I had to look the song up, because although the song sounded familiar, I couldn't place it.  It is actually called "Humans Being" and written/ performed by Van Halen.  It turns out it was actually written just for the movie Twister, and would prove to be the last song that featured Sammy Hagar.  That fact that it was Hagar is too funny.

I didn't recognize the rest of the song besides the chorus, and actually didn't care for the song too much, but it was interesting to read some of the lyrics.  The mention of "Shine On" stood out the most, as part of my story involves the Family of Light shining once again.

As part of the film climax, Dorothy finally does work and all of those balls are released (they were enhanced with aluminum propellers to help make them fly), with them being sucked up into the Tornado as planned.  As they are released into the Tornado, each of them has a light that turns on - the balls start to shine.

Anyway, just a few things that crossed my mind as I watched the film and looked into this a bit afterwards.   There are a few other things, names, etc. that I found interesting, but this is long enough and I think I hit some of the major points.

Here is that Van Halen song.

Friday, July 19, 2024

Glorfindel and Gildor among the Mormons

It appears, at least from what I currently read from my words, that Glorfindel and Gildor spent some time among the Mormons in Salt Lake City in the aftermath of events in the Sawtooth Mountains.

I still don't have a good sense if they arrive with or joined the Disciples and Asenath at Sawtooth, or arrived sometime later.  I can imagine a few different scenarios, and nothing has settled yet in my mind.  And afterward, I am not sure as to their activities between this time back in 2020 and the following year where the Sawtooth Stone was taken over to France.  That is all a bit of a mystery to me, and it will be interesting to understand where they were, when, and why during that whole timeframe.

However, despite all that, it does seem that they spent at least a few days in SLC.  The reasons for that assumption I will share here in this post.  And my current guess is they continued to loiter around the American West until 2021, with the directions to William Peak from Boise (3 hours by car) as one clue that would support this.

The observations they make in their (brief) dialogue makes me think that they hadn't initially passed through Salt Lake City with Gandalf-Nephi and the other Disciples (if they were in one group, which I assume they were).  Their words seem to be commenting on having seen SLC and operations and businesses the Mormons had built for themselves as if for the first time.

As I wrote in an earlier post, Glorfindel and/or Gildor reference my sister by name and refer to Gaul on June 8.  This would seem to indicate that they at least know the general whereabouts of Tom Bombadil's House.  Meaning, by this time, they had already found it, or at least knew where they would be going in the future.  Either are just as likely in my mind right now, and we will see where it shakes out.

On June 9, they make a couple observations that I now take or imagine as commentary as they were observing Salt Lake City for the first time.  June 10 would seem to really reinforce this guess:

June 9
Joseph Smith was a profit center [a play on words between Prophet and Profit]
Everyone has their own little sense of happiness

June 10
Dinner in Salt Lake City
He is a "Murphy"
Well, you definitely have 2 objects in the glass walls
Dylan's (originally spelled out as Dillon) going to kill me
There are different kinds of protection
Here are the words of the King: Leonidas Barber gems cut for epe (originally spelled ipa)

Quite a few seemingly random excerpts here.  There are also dreams that go along with some of these words on June 10 which might have some of it make a little more sense.

You will note that the first comment on June 9 involved the word-play with Prophet and Profit.  A criticism from many both within and without Mormonism is the vast amount of wealth that organization has amassed.   Glorfindel seems to note this as he looks around SLC, and ties that all to the fact that the modern church has built that wealth from Joseph's name and work.  The juxtaposition to the poverty that Joseph Smith died in (Joseph was in bankruptcy proceedings at the time of his murder) would be striking.

And I suppose Joseph is also a 'prophet' center in that there have been many, many self-titled prophets since who claim that role and designation simply by tracing their authority back to him, not actually because they themselves do the works of a prophet.  The LDS First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles call themselves "Prophets, Seers, and Revelators" almost solely because they trace authority back to Joseph, rather than the actual activities they engage in.  Prophets prophecy.  Seers have Stones.  And Revelators reveal things.

Back to the dialogue, it appears that one of our duo makes that initial observation, and the other simply says that apparently this arrangement is what makes them happy.  

At this time a relatively negative view of Mormon leadership is held or has been developed by Glorfindel and Gildor, I believe.  A dream I will share at the end of this post seems to put an exclamation point on this.

On June 10, we have the opening phrase of "Dinner in Salt Lake City".  This accompanied a dream where I was observing a group of people sitting at a very fancy, upscale restaurant.  There was conversation going on, and my vision settled on a older, larger woman with black hair.  As she was in the process of bringing a fork to her mouth to eat something, someone said "He is a Murphy"  (I am not sure by whom).  The woman's face showed shock and dismay at this mention, and she dropped her silverware.  This appeared to be unpleasant news.  That is all I remember from the dinner dream.

In "Murphy" we have another Gaelic name, and it likely means something like "Warrior of the Sea".  Who is this Being?  It isn't clear, but obviously his presence or the very mention of his name is not welcome among those at the dinner table, who I take now as likely being symbolic of Mormon leadership in the context of everything else.  Someone from the "Sea" would be, consistent with how I have viewed this term on this blog, someone from outside the bounds of this Earth.  An Alien, basically  It could be Glorfindel himself, as an example, meaning that there there is an Alien (defined as somebody who came from another world) among the Mormons in SLC.

In any case, after that dream sequence, the dialogue seems to shift to some direct statements.

There are 2 objects within the 'glass walls'.  Two things with the mention of glass walls.  First, it takes me to my short story on Herbie the Hamster, who was confined within a glass cage and who eventually escaped by means of the seed he planted.  Second, Walls have a function within Tolkien's cosmology that is probably what is being referenced.  The "Walls of the World" are what were said to surround Arda (this Creation), and separate us from the Outer Void.  Tolkien actually developed a later view of multiple sets of Walls, which I don't know enough about to get into right now.

Importantly, though, Tolkien has Rumil (the same Being I believe may be referred to as Isaiah), describing the Walls thus:

They are as ice and glass and steel, being above all imagination of the Children of Earth cold, transparent, and hard. They cannot be seen, nor can they be passed, save by the Door of Night. (from the Ambarkarta)

So, Rumil uses glass as one description or analogy for these Walls, which I think ties to Glorfindel's comment.  Thus, the two objects he mentions lie within our 'world', or on this side of the Wall.  What are they?  My guess, consistent with previous posts, is that the two objects in question are the Elessar (Green Elfstone) and the Sawtooth Stone, or Stone of Enoch.  I think this guess is further supported by how the dialogue on June 10 is concluded, which I will get to in just a second.

Another code name comes up with "Dylan" or "Dillon" (it could be either spelling).   Dylan means "Son of the Sea" or "Born of the Sea", but it can also mean something like "Loyal, Faithful" or "Like a Lion", apparently.  I am not confident on who this Being is, actually.

After mentioning 'protection', the dialogue closes with what I believe is Glorfindel summarizing words of "the King".  Who is this King?  My guess is Thingol-Aragorn (as in "Return of the King"), but who knows.  This makes the most sense to me since I currently think of them as having been travelling companions for at least some of the time in 2019 and 2020.  Further, as I think of it currently, Thingol-Aragorn would have departed with Joseph, I believe, using the Anor Stone, thus leaving Glorfindel and Gildor stranded behind on our world.  So, maybe some parting instruction?  I am not sure.

Leonidas, as I have guessed before, I believe is a reference to Glorfindel.  The "Barber" appendage to his name seems to reinforce this notion.  Glorfindel is famous for his hair (his name, in one version, literally meaning "Goldilocks"), so a reference to a barber wouldn't be out of place here.

The phrase following mention of Leonidas describes 'gems' and that they were cut for "epe".  I believe this is the word intended, and its Elvish.  It would mean something like "later, after of time, following".  Given that, it seems that there is mention that gems have been 'cut' for a later time than in the present when Glorfindel is relating the King's words.  My guess is that these 'gems' are the 2 objects within the Glass Walls that I mentioned above:  the Elessar and the Sawtooth Stone.  Time will tell, though, I suppose.  Those make the most sense to me given everything else, but it is still a very rough guess.

OK, so early to mid-June we have Elvish Aliens galavanting around Salt Lake City, forming some fairly negative opinions of Mormon leadership, and likely the institution a whole, and then remarking on some objects that are for 'later'.  This negative take on Mormon leaders will come out in a dream I had later that summer - either in July or early August - that involved both the Catholic and Mormon churches, and specifically their leadership.  Based on my view now that Glorfindel and Gildor were at this time among the Mormons and had developed these opinions, I actually place Glorfindel as the likely source of my dream, for what it's worth.

Here it is.  I had actually recounted this dream to my older sister fairly soon afterward because some of the imagery was disturbing and I needed to talk to someone about it.  Also, as you will see the dream ends with some fairly immediately relevant things that were difficult to explain away without assuming some Being was aware of my immediate surroundings, strangely.   And this really spiked my anxiety.  It put my into a bit of a tailspin, honestly.

In the dream, I was in a church building sitting in the audience with something like a General Conference going one, with all of the LDS church general authorities/ leaders up behind the podium. It was a very nice looking church - kind of like a cathedral, with high ornate ceilings. In looking back on it, I think it was meant to represent a combined Catholic and Mormon building. There had been a speaker, and then one of the leaders introduced a guest speaker from the Catholic Church to talk to everyone about all of the great work they were doing to help the poor and needy. The Catholic priest [I am not sure on what leadership position he had - he did wear a mitre] got up to make his way to the podium to speak, and as he did so, the whole church began to shake, like in a very big earthquake. Dust started coming down from the ceiling. The priest looked up and around, then appeared to think that rather than speak it might be best to get out of the building, so the scene cut to him and his entourage (there was a group of priests with him) exiting rather quickly as they nervously looked up at the ceiling.

After they left, there was a lot of commotion, nervousness, etc. among the congregation about what to do. The LDS leadership on the stand consulted with each other, and then Dallin Oaks (currently the first counselor in the LDS First Presidency) got up and stood at the podium. He began to calm everybody down, telling them that there was nothing to worry about and everything was going to be just fine. As he did this, there was another massive earthquake, and the ceiling right above where Oaks stood gave way and crashed down on him, burying him under the rubble. Everything pretty much went into chaos at this point - with the crowd screaming, and I remember a few leaders going to where the rubble was to check on Oaks, and the scene then cut away.

Following this scene, I remember walking outside in darkness for awhile, and then found myself on my farm. The gate to my animal pen was open, and animals were wandering all around my farm. However, I also noted a hole in my fence, and I picked up a strange black animal that had gotten in among my own farm animals. This creature clearly didn't belong in there, and I felt it intended harm, so I was thinking about how to get rid of it.

As I thought this, I noticed what looked like two black bears wandering outside of my pen, among the animals that had gotten out through the open gate.

I woke up from the dream hearing a commotion outside of my window from the chickens. I opened my blinds to look out in my apple orchard where the chickens were, and there was a small black animal trying to break into my chicken house. I am not sure what it was - it wasn't a fox. Maybe a weasel, though it seemed bigger than that. In any case, it reminded me exactly of the small black animal I had just seen in my dream. I yelled at it from my window and it ended up running away.

I went outside to investigate, and all of the chickens were fine. However, out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked to me two small black bears in my yard, just like in my dream! That was my initial instant take, at least, but as I turned to look at them, I realized they were my pigs. We raise Berkshire hogs, which is a breed of pig that are black, with some white coloring on their lower legs and sometimes face, and by July/ August they get pretty big. If you looked at them quickly from a distance, you might be forgiven for mistaking them for small black bears walking around.

And here they were wandering around my yard, just like what I thought had been black bears did in my dream. I ran over to the gate for the animal pen, and saw that it was open, just like in my dream as well. This was how the pigs had gotten out of their pen and were wandering around my yard.

I managed to get the pigs back in, and the gate secured, but I was a little shaken up by the events in general. Waking up from that dream, which was already a bit disorienting, to seemingly some things happening on my farm in real life that had some sort of connection to how my dream ended was again not something I really liked or welcomed at that time.  If you could summarize my feelings at that time, I wanted to be left alone, basically, and forget about all of this.

When I spoke with my sister to try and talk through my anxiety and how to view this, her opinion was that the sounds of the chickens outside in real life had likely started to work into my dream at the end, and so that is why I imagined a dark predator among my animals threatening them. I tried to believe this, but I wasn't convinced that this explained how I saw the open gate and what turned out to be my two black pigs wandering out in my yard in the dream while I was very much in my room with my eyes closed and windows shut.

In any case, I now, in light of everything else, view the dream as having come from Glorfindel, which I think reflected his feelings about Mormon leadership and perhaps symbolically the fall of that group and their authority at a future time.  It is the best explanation or guess that I have, and it seems consistent with this view that Glorfindel, having been among those leaders back in June, seems to have judged them and found them wanting.

My guess is that Glorfindel and Gildor may have stayed in the American West until the following year, but I can't be sure, obviously.  It does seem that they were the ones that stayed behind, but it is still unclear to me who else would have been at Williams Peak the following year in 2021.  I don't have that sorted out clearly at this point.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Following the Bright Circle to the Great Valley

There were a number of dreams from last night that mostly slipped away without me being able to remember too much of them.  I do remember a few things, though even those are somewhat vague.  But, I am still going to post on them due to some thoughts I had later.  

In one scene, I was in a library with other people.  An official looking woman walked into the room and said something like it was time for us all to settle up and make sure we had returned all of the books we had checked out.  I believe we had library cards she scanned, and she would then present each person with a printout of what books they still had out outstanding and therefore which needed to be returned. 

I remember a woman who was scanned before me and presented with a list of maybe something like 4 or 5 books that were missing.  The official then came to me and as she scanned my card I wondered how many books would be on my list.  To my surprise, all of the books I had checked out had been returned.  The printout I was given instead listed all of the books I had read, the date I had read them, and a check mark next to each one showing that I had returned them (I assume that was what the check mark meant).

The details are even more vague from this point on, but I remember that in some instances people were not in the library when the official was looking to scan their card.  Rather than printing up a list for them, she printed something that looked to be a gray heart - I am not sure if it was made of paper or something else.  I remember knowing some of these people and wondering where they were, but the rest of the imagery was confusing.

In a later dream scene, I found myself in some familiar environment which I took to be something like my home here, though I don't remember any house.  Meaning, I felt like I was here in Minnesota, but the details of my surroundings elude me.  I was just kind of 'here'.

I was told that it was time to go.  I believed I replied by saying something like "I don't know the way".  This discussion was happening in my mind (I wasn't speaking), and it was with an unnamed and unseen presence.  I couldn't see anybody.  In reply I was told to just follow the Sun, and I was shown a picture of it setting in the West.  I was given to understand that this would involve walking, and I wasn't given to know just how long that walking would go on for.  At this thought, I replied that this was not enough information to go on.  Was I supposed to just leave everything right now and walk with no more direction than this?  How far was I going to walk?  How would I know when I got to wherever it was I was told to go?  I wanted more detailed instructions.  Coordinates or a specific location, I remember asking for.  Where is the spot?  I wasn't given any, and I woke up with the thought of following the Sun in the West (or at least, I don't remember any of the dream after this before waking up).

With dreams that affect me, I will usually lie there and think about them for a bit and see if I can make some sense of them.  At first, a song from Sara Bareilles called "Chasing the Sun" came to me mind.  However, almost immediately afterward, I thought very specifically of a quote from a movie I watched as a child called "The Land Before Time", and this connection seemed to make some sense.

The specific quote, or at least reference, involved Littlefoot learning from his mother on how to reach the Great Valley.  When I remembered that the whole premise of this movie is about dinosaurs escaping some catastrophic change on earth (as well as predators) to find what is essentially a Promised Land-type of place, I first thought of my recent posts about Adam-ondi-Ahman, and this being the Valley where I believe that a gathering is and will be occurring.  This was further symbolized in Hill Valley, the fictional town from Back to the Future, with Tirion (Jerusalem in my story) sitting on a hill in that valley, at least as I imagine it.   

In other words, a major premise of this story unfolding on my blog is about Beings escaping this earth in order to stand in Holy Places, which seem to coincide with this journey of dinosaurs to a Great Valley as portrayed in this movie.

Don Bluth, who produced and directed this movie, has Mormon roots, so in some ways we shouldn't be surprised to see imagery of a journey to a Promised Land enter into the story, since that is very much a Book of Mormon theme that isn't unique to any thinking here.  Bluth was also known for making some pretty dark cartoons with more adult themes back in the 80's, movies like The Secret of NIMH and An American Tale.

Anyway, the specific dialogue that came to my mind turns out to be from a scene where Littlefoot looks at a leaf, which he calls a "Tree Star" because that is what his mother named it earlier in the movie.  Actually, lets look at that earlier scene first, because that has some of the imagery following the Sun as it sets in the West.  I had to look up the scenes this morning, as it was the specific quote or reference to the movie dialogue that came to my mind, but not the scenes themselves.  For example, I had forgotten all about the Tree Star, but as you will see some of the imagery is pretty striking.

In this first clip, Littlefoot is introduced to a Tree Star and then his mother teaches him about the Great Valley, what is there, and why they are going there.

Littlefoot will later be separated from his family (his mother will be killed by T-Rex, and his grandparents can't find him), but will come into contact with other dinosaurs who will ultimately join him on his journey.

For a time after his mother's death, however, he basically wanders around (as far as I can remember) in the wasteland-desert and forgets about the Great Valley and how to get there.

However, eventually a Tree Star descends from Heaven.  With this Tree Star is his mother's voice, calling his name.  As he looks into the Tree Star, he is given some additional instructions on how to reach the Great Valley.  In addition to following the Sun to the West, he is told:

Follow the bright circle past the great rock that looks like a long-neck and past the mountains that burn.

That instruction is concluded with the statement to "Let your heart guide you".

Here is the clip.  It is a bit of a longer one at 5 minutes or so, but the relevant part starts at about the 1:20 mark.

It was this dialogue, and specifically this very instruction, that had come to my mind as I was laying there earlier this morning thinking about the dream.  And when I thought about it, I heard this instruction in a slightly different way than in which the riddles unfolded in the movie.

When I thought of "long-neck", my mind went to the "narrow neck of land" that is mentioned in the Book of Mormon.  Specifically, I thought of William Tychonievich's post in which he had likened this narrow neck of land to the Little Skinny Planet.

For whatever reason, the "rock" became a planet in my mind (much like how people sometimes refer to Earth as the 3rd rock from the sun), and thus the great rock that looked like a long-neck became The Little Skinny Planet, to my mind.

This instantly made the instructions given to Littlefoot, and therefore the phrase I thought through this morning, become interstellar.  He was to travel past that world.  He would then come to the "mountains that burn", and would also need to pass those before arriving in the Valley.

Valinor, where I have placed Tirion and the valley of Aman-ondi-Ahman, was said to be surrounded on all sides by Mountains - the Pelori Mountains, meaning a Boundary or Fence.  Maybe these are the mountains?  I am not sure why the burn reference would be applicable, other than Joseph Smith taught that the place where God lives in is one of everlasting burnings.  Maybe something there.  Or it could mean something else, I guess.  I have likened mountains to planets, and some planets were set on fire during the assault of the Numenoreans - specifically Eressea, but also Aman itself was set on fire, with the Mountain Taniquetil (Manwe's mountain) specifically mentioned:

But Angor (Ar-pharazĂ´n) assailed the shores of the Gods, and he cast bolts of thunder, and fire came upon the sides of Taniquetil

But this is all to say that the imagery to me of the scene when I actually looked at it made some of the symbolism and the instructions I was kind of reinterpreting all the more relevant.  This "Tree Star" comes down from Heaven.  I had that song going through my head for the longest time (I don't really anymore now) about "Waiting for a Star to Fall", with the lyrics from that song suggesting that the Star would carry a heart back into someone's arms.  Littlefoot would look into this Star-shaped leaf and it was in the course of looking into it that he received additional details and directions on how to get home.  These directions came in the form of Milestones - he would know he was on the right path as he passed various things.  And Littlefoot would end up carrying this Tree Star with him on his journey, just as one might carry a Stone or like Lehi had his Liahona.

A few other things I noted as I watched these scenes and thought more on what I can remember of the movie.

"Littlefoot" is an interesting name for a couple reasons.  Sasquatch or Bigfoot has come up on this blog and on William's a few times, so it was interesting to see it's opposite here.  Feet, and footwear, have also come up as important symbols for any kind of journey off of this Earth, so that also seems to be reflected in the name.

Littlefoot will ultimately become part of a group of 5 Beings.  This number 5 has been a repetitive theme, not so much on what I have written here, I don't think, but in some of the imagery that William has shown on his blog, with 5 Beings shown in various settings, including in the Little Skinny Planet post where he linked a music video by Of Monsters and Men which show 5 individuals on a journey.

Lastly, one of these five Beings is a bird-like dinosaur named Petrie.  Petrie, as you might guess, is a form of the name Peter (also Patrick, I guess).  It is actually the Scottish (Gaelic!) version or nickname for Peter.  Peter being symbolized as a bird has come up many times before.  In fact, it was in my post back in May titled "Good and Evil, and a large bird named Gregor" that I first explored the possibility that Peter and Pharazon were the same Being, a conclusion that was extremely surprising to me, but nevertheless remains my current guess.  This bird symbolism also is over on William's blog, for example with the post on Odessa Grigorievna.

He is shown flying here, but for much of the first movie he is unable to fly, something that he will have to eventually learn.  One potential connection with Peter is his unsuccessful initial attempt (per the New Testament, at least) to walk on water with Jesus, though he was clearly meant to, per Peter's own desire and Jesus' invitation.  Water or the Seas represents the skies or Outer Space in some aspects of my story, so there might be something to this also.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Back to the Future

Last night I was going to write another post, since there are a few things going through my mind at the moment and I want to tick through some of them.

However, I also kind of wanted to take a break, and so I ultimately decided to just veg out and watch something.

I started scanning options on Netflix, and almost pulled the trigger on watching one of the Lord of the Rings films since I haven't seen them in awhile.  But I thought that was a bit much, and not really a break from any of this, so I kept looking (though LOTR will make a cameo, as you will see).

There was a section of films on the menu called "80's nostalgia" and I scrolled through those until coming to the Back to the Future films.  I have a pretty good memory of what happened in the first one, but found that I didn't remember too much about what happened in the second and third films.  I looked up reviews for the second film, saw that it wasn't bad, and decided to watch it. 

The first indication that I might have some symbols popping out at me in the movie was the appearance of Elizabeth Shue.  I did not remember her being in the movie, and I later went back to confirm that in the first movie it was a different actress.  Shue came up on this blog recently in relation to the Karate Kid, which also had some interesting symbolism relative to the Ithil Stone and Sawtooth Stone, if you remember, as well as just the reference to a woman wearing a single shoe, per William Tychonievich's poem on 'Shoon'.

Specifically, Shue (and the character Ali Mills in Karate Kid) I explored as being symbolic of Eowyn (and the Ithil Stone) in that earlier post I linked above.  Here, in Back to the Future II, she goes by the name Jennifer.  In looking up that name quickly, it means "Fair One" or "White Enchantress".  I remembered I had actually explored this name back in my Dark Crystal post as well (or the shorter name Jen) but it was interesting to see it here as well in conjunction with actress whose name had been used before to symbolize Eowyn.  Recall that in the LOTR, for whatever reason, it is Eowyn that Tolkien has his characters refer to as fair in multiple instances, with Aragorn saying that she is "fair maiden, fairest lady of a house of queens".  And Faramir calls her the White Lady.

OK, so in the movie Jennifer-Shue is dating Michael J. Fox, whose character is Marty McFly.  Marty is short for Martin, which means "Dedicated to Mars".  Mars, of course, is the Red Planet, and I specifically used Red symbolism back in that Karate Kid post to talk about Elizabeth Shue's love interest in that movie:  Daniel LaRusso.  Why?  Because LaRusso, Daniel's last name, specifically means "The Red".  So, I came up with the Red Judge of God, or something like that, in that post, which seemed to work really well, and linked that character name to Faramir-Eonwe.  I also linked it the character name from Joseph Smith's Grammar and Alphabet of the Egyptian Language (GAEL for short... remember that) which was Ja-ho-e-oop or Jah ni hah.

Other name elements should stand out to you if you have read earlier posts on these characters, and specifically Faramir.  I have him "flying" or going on a moonwalk, space travel, or whatever, and here we have Marty's last name very much involved with flying.  Further, almost to reinforce these GAEL-ic references that have come up here and on William's blog, the 'fly' begins with the "Mc..." prefix, which is short for the Gaelic word "Mac".

I have also associated Faramir with the Being of Michael, at least a future iteration of Michael, maybe, and here we have the actor playing Marty as having that very name.  As an interesting bit of trivia which I just learned, Fox's real middle initial isn't J but A, but he chose J for his stage name, I guess.  Given that both of those GAEL names that I attribute to Faramir-Eonwe start with J, I'll just assume it is those names the J really stands for.  Sure.

I am going to leave Fox alone right now so we can move on, but this name itself is a fairly mixed symbol as it has come up here, though I have mostly used it for Satanic representation.  However, it can also be used as a good symbol, and may be so here.  But, not important right now.

OK, so we basically have Eowyn and Faramir represented here in this story, a reuniting of Ali Mills and Daniel LaRusso from Karate Kid now in the form of Jennifer and Marty McFly.


One other thing I thought was interesting about the Marty McFly character was that he could take quite a lot, but one thing he could not take was being called "Chicken".  It was a major aspect of the character.  I found this interesting for a few reasons, given the "Unhenned" references, the gathering of chickens, but also potentially for actions in the long-forgotten past.  There may be actions that Faramir-Eonwe (by whatever name he had at that time) and others took, which in one context might be assumed to be 'cowardly' (what calling someone chicken is slang for), but which will be shown to not be so.  The very reason we are all here in this situation may well be because those who had the ability to fight against an overwhelming evil, chose rather to retreat and be cast into this Void, and to ultimately win in a far-future day.

Back to the movie...

The premise of the story is that Jennifer and Marty's family - their kids - are in trouble.  The particular story element tracks with what we have been working through here.  My story is about the Family of Light, who I have assumed are the children of the Beings who would come to be known as Eowyn and Faramir, as well as Asenath and Joseph.  It is their family that is 'in trouble' and needs to be gathered in and rescued.

Frodo's Cameo

Doc, Jennifer, and Marty actually travel to the future this time around, and Marty goes into an 80's cafe, with all sorts of 80's memorabilia (Remember the 80's....).  This is when we get our LOTR cameo, because who else but Frodo shows up!  Did anyone else know that Elijah Wood is in this movie?  Marty goes over to a video game, and one of the two young boys is none other than Mr. Wood.

Mayor Goldie Wilson, Peter-Pharazon, and the Hill Valley of Tirion Adam-ondi-Ahman

It was either in this scene or just before, the name Goldie Wilson is re-introduced.  Goldie Wilson in the first Back to the Future became the first Black mayor of Hill Valley, which is the town where all of this happens (more on Hill Valley in a second).  This apparently is his son, Goldie II.

If you think about it, Goldie is a strange name for a man.  I looked it up, and yes, it is typically a female name that means, as you would suspect, "golden, gilded, made of gold".  So the name kind of jumps out at you as given to this particularly character.

So we have a Black man whose name means that he is made of gold or gilded.  In Back to the Future I, Goldie proclaims " I will be mayor; I'll be the most powerful man in Hill Valley and I'm gonna clean up this town!" Pharazon-Peter vibes anybody?  I think obviously yes.  I have called Pharazon the Raven King or the Black King, even recently writing that he is represented by Balthazar, one of the Three Kings of the Nativity, in my post "King Balta Sheave and Peter", who tradition always portrays as Black.

And he is and/or will be Mayor of Hill Valley.  Mayor is the chief magistrate of a city of municipality, and it also means great and mighty.  These terms have come up before in describing Peter-Pharazon.

It is Hill Valley that he is mayor of.  That is another strange name for a place.  How can something be both a Hill and a Valley?

I recently wrote about this with respect to Adam-ondi-Ahman.  This place is specifically referred to as both a Hill (Spring Hill, and also generally "Mountains" in one D&C reference) but also as a Valley, with this Valley being where many great Beings gathered in the Beginning and apparently will be doing so again (or are already in the process of doing so).  Adam-ondi-Ahman I have also places as being in or in the immediate vicinity of Tirion.

So, it is Tirion that I believe is represented by the name Hill Valley - quite on the nose, actually.  And so it would make sense that the Black King - Peter who was once known as Pharazon the Golden ("The Golden" was literally what he was called - which would be the same thing as Goldie) will be mayor there.  In fact, as mentioned, Gim Githil, who is the Being I believe has played both roles as Pharazon and Peter, has always been considered the High King of the all the Elves.  Tirion is their capital city, so the fact that he would be the 'Chief' in that city shouldn't be a surprise to us here.

This is fun.

Three more and then I promise to give it a rest, though there are lots of little nuggets that are interesting to note.

Biff Tannen = Melkor, he who "Strikes the Trees"

The antagonist that is most responsible for the misery of Marty's family, in both Back to the Future 1 and 2, is Biff Tannen.  Let's look at that name.

Biff means "to hit or strike".  Tannen has a couple meanings.  It can refer to turning skins into leather (remember that predators who make trophies of men and use their skins has come up before).  It can mean to turn things brown or dark (to 'tan' something).  These two both work, but I like the third option the best, which uses the German word for "Evergreen Tree" (as in the Christmas carol "O Tannenbaum").

In that last option, the name Biff Tannen means "To strike evergreen trees".  Who struck and killed the Trees in Valinor?  Melkor.  Ultimately, the evil that was introduced in our world, and the light that was taken away even in Heaven, is the result of Melkor.  He is the primary antagonist in our story, and for the Family of Light, just as he was in the Back to the Future movies.

The DeLorean or DeLorien

Remember that I have compared Stones with Cars in my dream, in that the Stones in some way facilitate or enable travel, or at least that is how I see or think of them.  This specific idea first came from my dreams, but also was alluded to in my words, with the Anor Stone (Liahona), for example, being referred to as an essential piece in Lehi's own interstellar travel.

In Back to the Future, the primary source of travel across Time is in a car.  Specifically, the model of that car is called a DeLorean.  This is funny.  The major "Car" or Stone that has come up in our story here is the Sawtooth Stone.  That Stone I have stated has a story, from the beginning of the world (actually going back well before that) all the way to its 'end', and it is Joseph who authored or 'saw' the story that is there.

Another name for Joseph is Lorien, which just so happens to match up pretty well with the car model from the movie.  DeLorien.  "De" means "Of or from".  So this Stone-Car in Back to Future could be symbolic of the Stone that is 'from Lorien".  I thought it worked out neatly, at least.

Last one to call out.

Great Scott!  (Great Gael!) and Dr. Brown as Thingol, the Grey Haired Bearer of Christ

Dr. Emmett Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd, is in this one as well, of course.  His signature phrase in this movie, just as it was in the first, is "Great Scott!".  The exclamation was so apparent, or stood out to me fairly sharply in terms of this signature saying, that I had to look up Scott as well.  Here is a compilation someone did of how many times the phrase is said across all 3 Back to the Future movies:

Scott, I guess it should have figured out from the name, has to do with Scotland, but the word itself comes from the Latin Scoti.  As a related tangent, We see a "Scotty" in Star Trek also, just to note, whose job also has to do with propulsion and travel.  Dr. Brown is responsible for the Flux Capacitor, which is what causes the DeLorean to go, while Scotty in Star Trek is responsible for the Warp Drive.

In any case, Scoti means "Gael".  So we have yet another reference to GAEL.

My own guess is that this character symbolizes Thingol-John, very directly given a few things.  Christopher Lloyd, or more accurately, his name is my favorite indication of this, so let's look at that.

Lloyd means "Grey Haired".  The name Thingol means "Grey Mantle", with mantle being a type of cloak or covering that might also be synonymous with a covering of hair.  In fact, Hair is likely influenced by the English haire (per Etymonline), which means "Haircloth".  To be Grey Haired is also consistent with being old, or Ancient of Days, which is a term that has been used to describe Thingol.

Christopher means "Bearing Christ".  That was the role of John the Baptist, who I have as Thingol.  To Bear witness of Jesus, and potentially to 'Bear' both him and his family (home, perhaps), as it seems in at least some of the stories we seem him doing.

So, with that name you have something like (rearranging the names):  The Grey Haired Bearing Christ.

Works pretty well in my book.

Anyway, just a few things I saw in the movie.  Just goes to show, even when I try to take a break and not think about things, it doesn't always seem to work out that way.  Too many things on my mind, and too many symbols floating around to tie those thoughts to, maybe.